How To Top The Game in Orthotics Billing

Utilization of respiratory equipments especially oxygen concentrators and ventilators increased due to the impact of the pandemic. Particularly for codes like E0466 right from 2016 to 2020, the expenditure on this code increased from $217,379,582 to $466,715,153 which is around 114.7%.

Likewise from 2019 to 2020, the total expenditure of Medicare on E1390 increased from $467,926,746 to $495,522,979 or around 5.9%. It is important to note however that office visits during this time to physicians decreased that created a tug of war with utilization.

The game around the Orthotics and prosthetics world is also not too different. The need of the hour for any is to find a viable solution to handle everything around the logistics segment to create a stable customer base. If you are struggling to manage your inventory or rising DSO, you might be falling back on your orthotics billing activities.

Sunknowledge Sets The Perfect Stage

The biggest contribution that our team of orthotics billers and coders will be adding is versatility and experience. We have tons of exposure of working with some of the largest Orthotics providers of the country. Our understanding on how to handle your front and back end efforts creates the perfect ecosystem that sets the benchmark for improved collections.

We do it all by creating the Rx order entry, checking the eligibilities, working on orthotics prior authorization, following up with the doctor’s office and set the tone for managing your denials, submitting claims, collections and payment posting.

Also, we are versatile across all major practice management systems and know how to work as your ultimate operational arm. And the ideal part, we do all of it for just $7 per hour.

Looking to know more about our orthotics billing process? Speak to our experts and come to know about our stand out presence as a next gen healthcare services company. We know how to amplify your collections with our expertise and ability to work as a perfect RCM services partner. Get to know what makes us special , and your desired destination for doing it all.

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