How Do You Define Full Service DME Billing?

Complexities in processes of billing, challenges with cuts in reimbursements, finding proper staff that can take care of your daily practice management needs is a critical need. Any process loopholes can be a huge challenge area for managing the key performance indicators of your DME business!

What is Full Service in DME Billing

From finding the right staff that can handle all your front desk responsibilities, to taking care of everything that smoothens the process of rendering patient care, everything becomes so pertinent.

If you are a DME supplier, looking to find new ways to better serve your patients, driving your reimbursements quicker by making you claims clean, you must look for a service provider offering full service DME billing support.

It is quite a task to find someone that can offer it all. It is quite frequent to find billers and coders doing normal billing activities like working on your denials and collecting the accounts receivable, but finding someone who can manage it all with front end work is going to be hugely vital.

A one stop destination with a comprehensive approach

A full service DME billing company will be performing all the tasks with document management, patient calling, after sales support. Right from collecting the physician documents, creating the sales order, entering patient details etc. till the delivery is scheduled right from checking eligibilities to getting the approval on time, your will have full time resources working on it.

To put it short, someone that has the unique ability of handling all your pre billing work and also conduct the normal post billing activity works like denial management, A/R collections, payment posting works will offer a different flexibility in your everyday business.

Also it gives the right roadmap to reduce operational costs, eliminate challenges with shortage of qualified staffs and gives a boost to ROI in the best possible manner. At the end, all you want is a team of DME billers and coders ready to work on your accounts with consistency and compliance.

Reducing your DOS’s, finding a team that can make you more money from clean submission of claims is a key need for a lot of providers. Finding a full service DME billing extension that helps you reduce proven flaws in your practice management efforts will help in eliminating challenges with a streamlined approach. It gives you a great podium to handle patients, improve financial viability and also grow and expand your competitive space.

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