Should You Choose Free DME Billing Software?

Getting Started with DME Billing Software

Many providers will tell you that the efficiency of the DME billing process is as good as the software that is used. And this statement does have a lot of truth in it. If you are a DME provider or somebody who has to deal with DME billing on a regular basis, you are probably no stranger to a few names. I’m talking about the ones that frequently top the list of the ‘best DME billing software’ out there. Names like Brightree, DMEworks, TeamDME et al. These software systems often come at a premium and in some cases, may well be out of reach for many smaller practices.

The temptation for using another variant, viz. free DME billing software, looms large. Though they usually come with limited functionalities and lower capabilities than the big boys on the block, they score mainly on the economy front. Simply put, the cost of using them is a lot less than the other, paid ones. Yes, they are not entirely free and they usually charge a small fee per bill. But that amount is significantly low and is easy bait for any provider looking for better economy in their billing practices.

Getting to know Mr. Free better

It is of utmost importance to try and understand what a free software can deliver (or can’t). Most will charge a small, monthly fee or a low flat fee per claim that you submit using it. Providers are usually required to do a simple installation, even though some are available that are entirely hosted on cloud based platforms, requiring no local installation.

Using the software is free during most times. What it means is that the provider will be chiefly responsible for entering all data and creating and submitting the claim. The clearinghouse processes the claims and sends to the insurance payers. Some amount of error-checking may be available, but it’s rarely something you can really bank upon.

The main problem with free software is the lack of support because they, more often than not, tend to suffer from issues pertaining to stability, scalability and security. And when you face a problem, the worst thing that can happen is finding no support to help you out. So, consider the flip side before you sign up. Happy billing!