Experience is what counts in DME prior authorization

Handling your practice management matters more than ever before. The CMS has brought about a new rule under which payers have been scheduled a time frame to return back on an authorization outcome. Your rising daily sales outstanding ratio happens a lot more with a lack luster front end. Understanding how to take care of your DME prior authorization, eligibility checks, working out on the order confirmation process depends a lot of experienced resources.

However, as we find ourselves in extraordinary times, finding the right blend in your team of medical billing is going crazy. Outsourcing of your practice management woes to a reliable partner is also confusing.

A lot of medical billing companies are finding it difficult to manage their workforce at this new age. Also, there are vendors that are adapting beautifully in this changing scenario and are extending top class staffs working remote. The question is, how do you choose and finally reach your ideal destination offering competitive assistance.

Sunknowledge Understands Your Worries

Still thinking how can you find your ideal partner to manage DME prior authorization, let Sunknowledge take care of it for you. We know how to deliver you complete support at the front end with precise understanding of the adjudication mandates across the industry.

Our versatility stems from the fact that we are working with great credentials for the largest names in the DME space. Our team has all the competence and knowledge to handle any DME practice management systems. Also, we are able to do it all with heavy lifting jobs. Customization is what we bring to the table. Whatever are your process protocols, we will deliver it in accordance, you need not worry about it!

Reduce your operational costs, eliminate all process loopholes with our pre and post billing support at just $7 per hour. Our team delivers first class assistance that meets all your daily, weekly and monthly DME prior authorization requirements.

Our experts will be glad to give you a complete preview on how set the perfect stage. We know how to do it all with consistency and trust even at this testing times. Our niche presence and model of delivery will transform your reimbursements once and for all.

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