How To Eliminate DME Billing Challenges

One of the top DME billing challenges today is to ensure the right process with prior authorization that lays down effective checks and balances. It is true that the evolving landscape in the DME space augments changes in the federal mandates with claims adjudication. Hence, it is quite evident that as a provider, to ensure effective reimbursements and follow the procedure as per prescribed guidelines, a comprehensive process in eligibility verification and authorization is the need of the hour.

Sunknowledge, The One Stop Destination for DME Billing

When it comes to eliminating your DME billing challenges, Sunknowledge is your reliable partner. We have successfully partnered with over 100 clients in DME space with excellent references. One of the benefits of working with Sun Knowledge has to be our competitive pricing standards. At present, you can avail our DME billers at just $7 per hour which is much below minimal wages standards. Also, we will be providing you with complete account management support and our account managers will provide you with the needed communication with daily providence of customized reporting.

We guarantee you a billing cost deduction of 70% and will improve your collections by 95%. Our proactive prior authorization process will elevate your denial management efforts and will pave the way for better reimbursements. Sunknowledge, will provide you an end to end practice management/ revenue cycle management support when it comes to DME billing. Right from a streamlined benefits checks and prior approval process to extensive accounts receivable recovery and collections, we will be your desired partner.

Another important attributes that we bring over the table is our innate understanding of the claims adjudication demands. We are partners to some of the leading payers in the country and will assist you with expert billers and coders that understand the priorities in the DME billing space. We will not write off or do any adjustments unless it is approved from your end.

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