All About Our DME Medical Billing Facilities

Along with many reasons, one of the most important factors to outsource your DME medical billing to Sunknowledge Services Inc is that we offer you the seamless billing operation that you have always desired and we also help in taking care of your patients.

Assisting you from avoiding the tedious billing process and saving you from losing your valuable time and money on regulatory compliance, practice management, and accounting; we take care of your complete billing responsibilities.

Providing exclusive DME billing services to professionals in the HME/DME industry, our services are tailored customized keeping in mind about all our clients’ specific requirements; satisfying their needs.

In fact, working for both provides and payers for more than a decade has not only helped us understand that each provider and practice has its own unique requirements but also helped us evolve in providing customized Durable Medical Equipment Billing Services to meet the client’s individual needs.

Blurring all geographical boundaries, our services are offered Nationwide!

Now the question comes how do we access the data for a seamless DME Billing Process?

With the benefit of 100% HIPAA compliance, we have the ability of remotely access to your current database, networking our software with your office or even such cases having your information scanned or faxed to us; in order to deal with services like:

Data entry– this is the process, where all the vital information is obtained from the providers or practices and is entered into our database. This includes all the information that is needed for the seamless DME billing process.

Claims filing– the filing of claims is mostly done in two ways. First, they are filed electronically and the second one is on paper. In fact, here the insurance carrier plays a vital role as it the insurance carrier that decides the filing of claims.

Statements– it is where we send a mail on behalf of your practice. it is where the protocols of statements and collections are done strictly according to the client’s specifications.

Payments – it is where when we receive any kind of payments and explanations of benefits from you, a database is maintained where it is posted. Each EOB in fact will be audited for correct payment and/or benefits.

Appeals– it is when the denial or payment is done incorrectly, we challenge the insurance companies from our end to receive the correct reimbursement for you.

Reports– robust reporting is done according to client protocol, which can be daily, weekly or even monthly, as each provider and practice is different and each has customized requirements.

Re-gaining the revenue and subsequent profits for your company, Sunknowledge Services not only helps removing all the billing obstacles but also ensure personalized reimbursement strategies for a better result. Working on the aging report and ensuring a faster reimbursement, Sunknowledge works on continuous follow-up along with a dedicated account manager.

With skilled expertise billers, coders and excellent resources we are proficient in working on different billing software and DME billing strategies for keeping your company functioning properly and efficiently at all times.

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