Hire Sunknowledge for Your DME Billing Needs

Excellent DME billing services at just $7 per hour for a full time engagement. Sunknowledge is your proven service partner exclusive DME billing services. We will be providing you all the support that you need from us as far as our best practices is concerned. Sunknowledge will be driving your revenue cycle management and practice management priorities in DME claims and will only better your denial management attributes in the long run.

We Reduce Your Billing Costs by 70%

Sunknowledge guarantees a billing cost reduction of 70% and will improve your collections by 97%. We have the references from leading DME providers in the country. It will give you a clear idea about our functional best practices and how we have been instrumental in eliminating proven pain points in your DME billing efforts. We will provide you with best in class DME prior authorization help that will help in implementing the right checks and balances.

As a 100% HIPAA compliance organization, Sunknowledge can only improve your operational practices. We help you focus better on patient care while we work as your relentless operational extension.

♦ Our account management support and collections efforts necessarily better your DME billing. We are currently working with 100 clients in DME and the only company to offer end to end practice/revenue cycle management support.

♦ Sunknowledge will be a next gen partner for meeting your denial management priorities. We believe in our processes, smart automation and dynamic set up of experienced and expert medical billers, ready to work for you at just $7 per hour!

♦ As an expert medical billing company, we identify the process gap and start filling them up with our extensive accounts receivable analysis.

♦ Our collections team will be following a manual process involving excellent recovery methods. AR recovery with Sunknowledge will improve your business viability.

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