Your DME Billing Made Easy

DME billing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Healthcare practices dealing with Durable medical equipment (DME), often known as Home Medical Equipment (HME), suffer due to the complex nature of DME Billing. Quite different from billing for other clinical procedures, DMEs are often deemed medically unnecessary. Add to it the issue of certain DMEs not being certified by Medicare, Medicaid, and/or private insurers. In this scenario, much depends on the physicians to recommend a certain DME as clinically required, supported by proofs and explanations. Even after that, the permissible reimbursement level for the DME in the patient’s policy needs to be checked.

Quite naturally, getting reimbursements in DME billing requires utmost meticulousness. The biller needs to guarantee full accuracy and expertise in coding. This is another area, which needs specialization. DME forms need Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) and not CPT codes. As mentioned, diligence is the keyword. A mistake in the billing of just one medical device can cost the DME provider thousands of dollars.

The DME billing sector is already struggling after the introduction of the Final Rule. The CMS mandate requires prior authorization process for some DMEs, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS). Aimed to curb the rising prices and bring transparency in the overall DME billing processes, the complications related to the new set of documentation and other requirements have affected billing. This in turn, has impacted revenue generation as prior auths have become tougher and the cases of rejections and denials are on the rise.

This is where Sunknowledge comes in. We are here since 2007, supporting the healthcare industry with a wide array of medical billing solutions. We specialize in DME billing; our hundreds of clients have always preferred us over other DME billing services for our ability to identify and address the pain points that plaguing the practice. Here’s the advantages Sunknowledge offers:

♦ Accurate checks and balances with 99% overall accuracy
♦ Dedicated managers with experienced team for fastest service
♦ Reduction in operational cost by 80%
♦ Excellent referrals
♦ No hidden cost
♦ 100% HIPAA compliance
♦ Experience to serve more than 100 clients
♦ Low fee standalone services starting from $5
♦ Free Telemedicine platform
♦ 100% client retention
♦ Daily/Weekly/Monthly customized reports
♦ Clients’ legal issues handled by Nixon Peabody
♦ Low fee standalone services

Sunknowledge is just not a standout medical billing service for the services it provides. It’s distinct for the client excellence it maintains and commits by it. Be our partner and be a part of that legacy.

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