Exclusive Support in DME Billing with free Telemedicine: The Sunknowledge Edge!

As an organization Sunknowledge believes in giving you a clear idea about our functional best practices and how we have been instrumental in eliminating proven pain points in your DME billing efforts. We will provide you with powerful DME billing practice management standard that will help in implementing the right checks and balances.

Our main objective will be to help you focus better on patient care while we work as your relentless operational extension. As a 100% HIPAA compliance organization, Sunknowledge will better your operational priorities as a reliable billing and telemedicine partner.

Also, Sunknowledge believes in a next gen healthcare delivery model! We will be providing you 100% revenue cycle management assistance alongside our free telemedicine platform that will help in eliminating all your pain areas with great stability. Alongside our end to end practice management/ revenue cycle management assistance, we will be enabling the technology for you and add value as being your telemedicine partner. Get access to complete support in DME billing with a free telemedicine platform that improves your patient volume by 3 times.

Our platform is streamlined, well connected, and flexible and has been developed incorporating the best practices of leading platforms and the idea of proactive and personal patient care. Eliminating the boundaries with synchronized remote connectivity with increase your patient volume and develop processes for reducing your operational costs.

At present, Sunknowledge is providing excellent DME billing services at just $7 per hour for a full time engagement. Sunknowledge is your proven service partner exclusive DME billing services. Sun Knowledge guarantees a billing cost reduction of 70% and will improve your collections by 97%.

AR recovery with Sunknowledge will improve your business viability. Our account management support and collections efforts necessarily better your DME billing. We are currently working with over a 100 clients in DME and the probably one of the companies that offer proactive support in practice and revenue management support.

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