Demystify Your DME billing Secrets with Sun Knowledge

If you are looking for a specialized partner for DME billing, reach out to Sun Knowledge. We are a dedicated healthcare revenue cycle management company that delivers cutting edge solutions in DME billing.

We will be providing you an end to end practice management/ revenue cycle management support that will help you eliminate proven challenge areas in DME billing. Moreover, our combination of DME billers and state of the art processes will elevate your eligibility verification and authorization process in best proportions that will lay down effective checks and balances improving your denial management attributes in the long run.

At present, Sun Knowledge is working with over 100 DME clients with excellent references. We guarantee a steady billing cost reduction of 70% with an increase of collections over 95%. Also, we are proficient across all the major software in the DME space and will be providing complete transparency in your DME claims.

No Write Offs or Adjustments

One of the biggest advantages of working with Sun Knowledge in DME billing is that we will not write off or do any kind of adjustments to your accounts receivable without your prior consent. You will receiving seamless communication and dedicated account management support with customized reporting standards as per your operational requirements on a daily basis.

Exclusive Practice Management/ Revenue Cycle Management Support

You will be able to uncover all the myths with your DME billing secrets with Sun Knowledge. Not only do we give a boost in your overall billing payments, we also create the perfect ambiance for you to cater best in class care delivery while we work on your DME billing.

Our seamless practice management assistance will improve chances of better recovery as per pre required medical process standards. You will be amazed to know that while we provide our medical billing services, we are also claims adjudication partners of some of the leading payers of the country.

 It gives us the competitive edge and the proficiency to handle all your DME billing in the best possible manner. Partner with Sun Knowledge and experience a new drive in your DME billing with our functional best practices.

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