Why Find A Decisive Urgent Care Billing Partner

If as an urgent care center, you are not documenting all the services provided, capturing of all ancillary services, use of correct modifier in the right section of the EMR, chances are that you are losing out on your revenue.

  • Urgent care billers must have an extensive understanding of the payer guidelines to ensure that urgent care claims are clean.
  • Having an urgent care billing and coding specialist, whose responsibility includes verifying and checking codes before submission must be dedicated to your practice management demands.
  • Recording everything correctly at the start defines your medical billing demands.

As a competitive vendor delivering end to end medical billing services, you must work with someone that can elevate your reimbursements and help you increase your patient revenue. Working with a high influx of patients can be a challenge for your front desk staff. All you need is someone that can deliver performance in your urgent care billing needs.

Eliminate Mistakes with Sunknowledge Urgent Care Billing

As a next gen RCM services company, we make sure that none of your urgent care claims remain untouched. We are unique with our references, top class industry standards that define your urgent care billing demands.

  • Moreover, we are currently working with more than 100 urgent care centers and the best in New York works with us.
  • There are multiple instances on how we have transformed cash flow with our trusted presence.
  • Reduce your overall expenses with us working as your ultimate medical billing extension.
  • Our versatility, ability to extend unparalleled assistance is what defines our credentials as an urgent care billing services destination.
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Do not panic during these unprecedented times with labor shortage and high wages. We can make this work for you at just $7 per hour. Our team has complete understanding of the latest urgent care billing guidelines and will revamp your flow of revenue. Hire us for comprehensive support like never before.