How To Implement A Composite HME Billing Approach

A recent survey among HME providers revealed that almost 78% face hurdles in sending equipments to patients during disasters. Almost 33% HME suppliers reported that preparations for a disaster can cost up to $5000.

It is one of main reasons why the Home Medical Equipment Suppliers committee is working with the CMS for adequate policies as well as reimbursement for HME during disaster times! Combined with in present times are issues with employment shortage and staffs that is creating a lot of challenges for the HME providers.

Finding a quality team to handle your HME billing process is also turning crazy in house! A lot of suppliers are inclined to outsource but in doubt to find the right one that can manage with trust and consistency. It all boils down to a competent HME billing company that knows in and out of handling front and back end RCM mandates.

Sunknowledge Understands Your HME Billing Worries

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we are partners with some of the giants of the industry. Yes, we are working with the biggest and the best. Three of the top 10 HME companies are working with us and majority of our clients are from Brightree! On an average, we help in reducing your operational costs by 70% and DSO by 7%.

We help you realize the lowest claim denial in the entire industry. One of the biggest reasons why we are working with the largest is our capabilities in the front end space. Our team of HME billers and coders work on your eligibilities, order intake and confirmation, HME prior authorization that sets up the tone for improved collections and less denials.

Speak to our team of experts and come to know why we are exceptional! Our team will make it simple for you to take care of your customers and leave your HME billing worries to us. The best in the HME world trust us for our experience. Hire us at just $7 per hour at these difficult times of staff shortage. We are just a call away!

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