Complete DME Billing with The Sunknowledge Trust

If you are looking for a disaster management plan for your DME billing needs this season, leverage the Sunknowledge advantage! We are a next gen healthcare services company and have set benchmarks by working with the best across the industry. Our team is proficient, understands the demands of the industry and offers complete pre and post billing services support.

Only Sunknowledge Services Inc knows what it takes to deliver proactive support in DME billing with an extensive pool in billing that can accelerate your cash flow. The best part will always be our customized support, account management support and a unique ability to work according to your protocols as a provider. With declining modes of payment, high rates of employment, medical billing outsourcing is here to stay. Sunknowledge believes in working as a reliable operational extension for its esteemed clients and take pride in over 100” s of references from leading DMEPOS clients across the country.

Why are we unique in DME BILLING?

♦ Get access to a superior pool of resources at just $7 per hour, the best in the market
♦ We take pride in having the highest collection rate in the industry with a robust team of AR analysts
♦ Internal audit program, unparalleled standards of productivity with 99.99% accuracy
♦ Top clients that we serve, the biggest & best and that too with excellent references
♦ Seamless communication support with dedicated managers
♦ An ISO: 27001:2013 and ISO 9001: 2008 certified healthcare RCM company
♦ Reporting that meets our clients specific needs and customized requirements

We have the perfect reliable redundancy plan to recover your cash this season! Leverage the Sunknowledge Services Inc advantage! Now is the time to clean up your old AR, get the right checks and balances with a comprehensive front end approach with DME insurance verification, prior auth and order entry. We are just a call away!

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