Remove Physician Burden with a Prior Authorization Partner

A survey from AMA clearly illustrated the impact of burden that is imposed on physicians with a lack luster approach in prior authorization. It has always negatively influenced the lives of physicians and patients alike.

  • Health plans on the other hand used prior authorization to reduce expenses and also extend the scope of value based care incentives. The process is going to create a lot of problems on the provider end, according to the survey.
  • Physicians complete 41 PA requests each week and have to spend two business days on the process. At the end of the day, what you need is someone that can help you in eradicating your practice management errors and help you focus better on patients.

As a healthcare practice, all you need is to consolidate and focus more on earning a competitive advantage. A quality prior authorization services partner helps you achieve exactly that! You must not be one of the 88 percent of the respondents who conveyed that prior auth generates peculiarly high burden.

The Benefit of Working with Sunknowledge

Over the last decade, our team of pre authorization experts has eliminated proven pain points as a reliable extension of operations. We know what it takes to upgrade your ROI possibilities once and for all.

As a next gen destination, we are working with some of the largest healthcare providers cutting across dermatology, radiology, physical therapy, DME, HME, O&P service providers and many more. Hire us at just $7 per hour, and experience a hassle free reimbursement experience like never before. Get to know why we are hailed as one of the best in the business.

Looking to know more on how we extend quality prior authorization support? Speak to our team, have a look at our industry references and decide for yourself. Partner with us now and come to know why we are known as one of the best in the business of prior authorization services. We have a full fledged plan in place to illustrate what makes us unique in the world of prior authorization.

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