Experience a Better DME Billing with Sun Knowledge

If you are looking for a comprehensive support for your DME billing, Sun Knowledge will be your reliable destination. We have developed robust processes with expert resources that help us in providing quality practice management/ revenue cycle management assistance.

As a powerful healthcare revenue cycle management company, Sun Knowledge has been clinical in providing tailored medical billing solutions to a lot of providers across a wide array of specialties.

Our 360 Degree Support in DME Billing

Sun Knowledge at present is working with over 100 clients in the DME space with attractive references. We have developed best in class processes that help us delivering you instant prior authorization services that are quick with 99.99% accuracy. Also, our denial management support is superior with a holistic process of accounts receivable recovery that helps in delivering end to end billing assistance.

Presently, you can get a medical billing resource from Sun Knowledge at just $ 8 per hour for a full-time engagement. Sun Knowledge will be providing you streamlined DME billing support that will reduce your operational cost by 70% and increase your collections up to 97%.

Sun Knowledge: The ultimate DME Billing Partner

We are offering you a “free 30-day trial” and complete transparency in our engagement model. Get in touch with our specialists to get an understanding on how we remove proven pain points in your revenue cycle management priorities as a DME provider.

Be rest assured that you will receive top class assistance, excellent reporting standards with dedicated account managers, regular brainstorming sessions for better transparency and last but not the least enhanced collections with 100% HIPAA compliance in the entire billing operations.

Our experts are just a call away! Hire a DME biller from Sun Knowledge and see the difference. We provide you a promising business partnership that will be trustworthy and cost effective for you.

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