Your Practice Deserves the Best of the Prior Authorization Services

You know how much prior authorizations pain you, you know how your practice spends the number of average weekly hours just on prior auths alone, and you need help! If you have realized the necessity to outsource your prior authorization worries to one of the professional authorization services, you are on the right track. The only challenge is to identify the right one – PriorAuth Online cut-short your effort in that and you will know why. Read on.

A general reading recorded through recent surveys tells that approximately 94% of medical practice managers consider prior authorizations as moderate to extreme time-consuming. You are no different and with your staff struggling to keep up with the ever-changing technicalities and regulations, balancing prior authorizations and patient care becomes extremely burdening forcing errors in the system, a great hindrance in getting claim approvals. There’s no doubt that your revenue faces the backlash.

The prior auth assistance program set for you addresses these problems designed to recover the lost revenue. We leverage our latest online prior auth platform, EHR, EMR, CD-10 coding expertise, strategic follow-ups with the insurance, etc. and bring you back on the path of profit.

PriorAuth Online is an integral part of the leading name in the U.S. Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, Sun Knowledge. Beginning its journey a decade ago, PriorAuth Online has never failed its existing clients and has been wowing the new ones with its prior authorization services and client commitment. Working with PriorAuth Online, you get the following advantages:

√ 80% Reduction in Billing Costs
√ Dedicated account manager
√ Low fee standalone services
√ 99% accuracy
√ Increased revenue collection up to 97%
√ Unsurpassed speed
√ No binding contracts
√ 100s of clients with excellent references
√ 100% HIPAA Compliance
√ Fully supported by Hiscox Insurance of up to $1 million to cover any error of omission & commission
√ 100% client retention
√ Daily/Weekly/Monthly customized reports
√ Clients’ legal issues handled by Nixon Peabody
√ Telemedicine platform

With several awards in our kitty like the Highest Job Creator of the Year, 2017 award by STPI and Best Employer Brand Awards 2017 by the World HRD Congress, PriorAuth Online also takes care of your medical billing and staffing issues. Call us at the earliest to know more.

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