How to induce best-in-class measures in DME billing

According to Atlas All-Payor claims dataset, the top 20 most ordered DME products based on orders till September 2023 are:

  • Oxygen Devices and Accessories, Humidifier Equipment, Temporary Codes for DME regional carriers, Wheelchair accessories, Waling aids and related devices, Hospital beds and related supplies, Wheelchairs and mobility devices, Other lower extremity orthotics, Foot inserts, removable, Knee orthotics, Ankle-foot orthotics, Additions, lower extremity orthotics, wrist hand orthotics, other orthotics footwear, Infusion supplies, pneumatic compressors and related equipment, breast pumps, other lower extremity additions, shoulder orthotics and wrist hand orthotics.

  • Out of all, Oxygen devices and accessories and humidifier equipment are the two most ordered with the largest volume of orders.

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The Sunknowledge possibility

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