Hire The Sunknowledge Assurance in Hospital Accounts Receivable

It is true that hospitals are under huge stress in finding a solution for their pending A/R’s. A team that can truly transform your flow of cash can be rare if you do not have the right priorities in place. Also, it becomes pertinent to have the effective checks and balances, find a cure on how to file claims as per the adjudication mandates and changing regulations.

Submitting the claims as per the timely filing limits, following up on the reasons for denials are a specialized job and chances are high that your in house resources are inefficient or lack the knowledge to handle it with precision.

A perfect Hospital Accounts Receivable partner

To have the right perspective in place with your hospital accounts receivable can be a huge challenge especially if you are looking for someone who is experienced and works as a reliable operational arm, also can provide you with excellent references across the industry.

If you are looking for a perfect partner, Sunknowledge may have the best answer among all the others like EClinicalWorks or Allscripts and CERNER. We offer dedicated support and can work at 1% of collections on an ongoing basis that can reduce your operational costs by 70%.

We offer comprehensive support in all the following areas with:
♦ Specialized handling of your hospital accounts receivable bucket by a team of experience
♦ Great exposure in working with difficult to recover aging A/R
♦ Proper attention given to every size or source
♦ Almost a decade experience in handling claims adjudication for major insurance plans
♦ Instant increase of collections by 90% to 30% within the first month

We are far ahead than our competitors like EClinicalWorks and Allscripts or CERNER given the fact that we offer complete versatility across all practice management plans. Our team has the perfect answer for all your hospital accounts receivable worries and we will be delivering you dedicated account managers/team leaders any time.

With a no binding contract, customized reporting support, Sunknowledge has the perfect plan for your hospital accounts receivable. Let our team give you a complete preview on how we make a genuine difference in your pending A/R’s by working as a desired operational extension.

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