How To Amplify Your Prior Authorization Demands

As per CAQH 2018 index, 12% PA were fully electronic, 36% were partial while 51% were fully manual. For healthcare providers, it will be presenting financial burdens and rising administrative costs. They have to juggle with numerous health plan processes and requirements, identify the additional requirements and also wait for a final response.

  • The advent of this pandemic created a lot of ruckus with healthcare providers needing the right blend of digitization that can quicken the process of care management.
  • At the end of the day, what you need is a consolidated approach to eliminate any practice management loopholes that is leaking them money.
    Over the years, finding a diligent prior authorization partner can actually optimize your revenue cycle and help you focus on your patients a lot better. Also, you will be finding a pertinent approach to reduce your operational expenses once and for all.

The Competitive Advantage with Sunknowledge

Over the last decade or more, our team of prior authorization experts has been delivering excellence to some of the best across the industry. We believe in working as your ultimate operational extension and know what it takes to deliver actionable support defining your reimbursements in the best possible manner.

  • With over 100’s of clients from DME’s HME’s, O&P’s, Radiology, Dermatology, Physical Therapists and many more, we have been setting the benchmark in prior authorization for the leading healthcare providers across the country.
  • Also, we are versatile across all major software systems and eliminate proven pain points with our extensive understanding of the claims adjudication mandates across the healthcare industry.

Hire our team now and come to know why we are hailed as one of the best in the prior authorization services. At just $7 per hour, we elevate your financial credentials as a disciplined RCM services company. Find out what defines our growth, how do we generate more cash for your business and help you focus more on your patients. At a time of labor growth and supply constraints , we are a next gen prior authorization partner.

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