Are You Aware of The 2022 Urgent Care Billing Challenges?

The Medicare Physician fee Schedule (MPFS) final rule that took effect from jan1 2022 is not the only thing to discuss. With more patients flocking in your waiting room with flu, cold and other respiratory symptoms, it is time to make sure that you code and bill your claims accurately for quicker reimbursements.

  • CMS has already increased the vaccine administration allowable to $30 from an average of $17.63 in 2021.
  • Also, in recognition of the present practice in clinics and the evolving nature of the role of non physician practitioner (NPP’s), the CMS will be allowed to make direct payments to any NPP which took effect from Jan 1 2022.

Also it is important to note that 99211 as an adjustment has brought in more consistency. Hence, it is imperative to explore the right possibilities, find a reliable partner that can deliver quicker results and elevate your urgent care billing mandates in the best possible manner.

The Sunknowledge Possibility

Over the last decade or more, our team has excelled in delivering comprehensive support in urgent care billing to some of the largest vendors in town. We are different as we know how to optimize your collections as a dedicated operational extension.

  • Our team of experts in urgent care billing understands what it takes to extend quality services at next door rates.
  • At just $7 per hour, we make sure that none of your money is wasted and everything is in place.
  • There are relevant instances on how we have reduced operational expenses by working as a dedicated operational partner.
  • Get to know how we drive your reimbursements as a dynamic HME billing partner. Speak to our experts, hire our team of professionals and transform your flow of cash once and for all.

We understand your world of urgent care billing like no one else and help you focus on your patients a lot better than ever before. Hire us during these times of inflation, labor shortage and higher salaries. We eliminate your practice management loopholes once and for all.

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