What To Expect in 2022 HME Billing

The administrative burdens are not getting any easier. With payer rules staying ever changing, documentation demands to meet the measures of compliance are increasing by the day. A Change Healthcare report clearly estimated that almost $5 million get denied every year. The only silver lining to this is that a whopping 63% of them can actually be recovered.

The worst thing about this scenario is it costs $118 in actual administrative costs for claims to capture the money owed. The right use of technology and automation can actually improve the chance of a claim to get rechecked if there has been any change in the coverage during the lag time.

As a HME supplier, what you need is a consistent vendor offering state of the art support in HME billing at next door rates. The challenge lies elsewhere, finding a dedicated team of HME medical billers and coders can be difficult to find at these trying times of labor shortage and crisis.

The Benefit of Working with Sunknowledge

Over the last decade or more, our experience of working with DMEPOS and HME supplier is second to none. We have an exceptional track record of working with the largest in the country and we have excellent references from the best in the business.

Our niche presence, versatility of working with the largest makes us a powerhouse in the world of HME billing services. We have eliminated proven pain points, practice management blunders by working consistently and having versatility across all billing systems.

If you want a dedicated HME billing company that can extend superior support, let us work on your pending collections and lost revenue. We will make sure that none of your reimbursements is lost due to blunders at the front or back end.

We believe in performing task specific activities in checking of eligibilities, getting the authorization approved on time, following up with the doctor’s office, order entry and confirmation, submitting claims, managing denials, collecting accounts receivable and payment posting. Find out what makes us a desirable HME billing company at these difficult times.

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