Driving Growth with Flexible Urgent Care Virtual Office Assistants

The major challenge for any Urgent Care practice is to make sure that patients are allowed in and exited early. The key area of contention remains, how well documented the entire patient journey is.

Making your patients wait is a big no and to engage better, exploring and taking advantage of the latest technologies can work wonders. With available apps, managing EMR, scheduling online appointment settings, keeping track of daily records becomes a lot easier.

However, choice of the ideal partner to extend superior range of services in Urgent Care Virtual Office Assistance is critical.

It helps in lowering cumulative wait times and overhead costs, and creates a best-in-class scope for working on improving your patient experience while not getting delayed or denied with payments. Urgent Care Virtual Office Assistants are instrumental in making things work out in the most efficient manner, and improve chances of gaining more and spending less.

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

Your Wait Ends with Sunknowledge Virtual Assistant Services

sunknowledge advantage

No office setup or any physical space is needed when you choose our virtual back-end and front-end support services. We deliver you competent assistance for your Urgent Care practice and know what it takes to define your practice management goals. You do not need to pay us for any computers or telephones, nor for any benefit like paid leaves or pension, as you would do for your in-house resources. We take care of everything on our behalf. Our team will do all the heavy lifting work and help you in

  • Lowering provider time in the EMR
  • Improve revenue of your Urgent Care clinic
  • Reduce burnout of your physician and other resources
  • Lower patient wait times significantly

Your One-stop Destination for Urgent Care Virtual Care Office Assistant Services

We deliver you a pool of resources that will be responsible for all administrative tasks that include:

  • EMR data management
  • Digitizing health history forms
  • Patient appointment scheduling
  • Documenting Patient records
  • Insurance Verification
  • Billing and collections
  • We are also equally equipped to lend support in
  • Email/ Phone/Chat / Text Support
  • Processing refill requests with prescription
  • All duties as an online receptionist
  • Customer engagement

Find out more on how we extend a complete action plan to make your existing Urgent Care practice more effective and reliable. We can provide you Urgent Care virtual assistants to deal with all your administrative tasks with consistency. The best part, all our services are placed at just $7 per hour, without any additional charges.

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