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Scribe Medical Virtual Services
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Scribe Medical Virtual Services

Reduce physician burnout, increase your productivity and ensure greater patient satisfaction. Sunknowledge extends scalable virtual scribers at next door rates that will reduce your patient documentation time. We deliver our state of the art support with an experienced pool of resources working for leading:

As a leading RCM destination, for more than a decade, Sunknowledge has an assuring presence. We have powerful healthcare documentation experience and ensure an overall smooth experience with workflow. While still taking advantage of the benefits of EMR, we allow physicians to get back to the business of patient care.

What separates us is the ability to offer customized virtual medical scribe services to accommodate every provider in your clinic, practice or hospital. Our niche expertise will help your facility save time and money spent on EMR physician data entry including in house scribe challenges.

We deliver a full array of audio and visual virtual scribe solutions all under one roof and at just $7 per hour!

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How does Remote Virtual Scribe Services Work?

Pre Physician Consultation

  • On bringing the patient to the exam room, your nurse or medical assistant enters patient vitals and history into the EMR
  • With a secure VPN, our virtual medical scribers are also connected to your EMR and reviews the patient information prior to the examination

Physician Consultations

  • Using state of the art digital systems, our virtual scribe listens and enters all patient information into the EMR as physicians examine the patient
  • As our team is entering all the patient information, physician is free to spend more time with patients

Post review of Daily Charts

  • Available to review the day’s chart with the physicians
  • Provider can utilize this time to instruct our team on additional tasks to be completed

Benefits with us

  • Reduce physician charting and clinical documentation time
  • Efficiency to attend more patients and schedule more procedures
  • Increase productivity and more face-time with patients
  • Structured capturing of data with back end reporting and analysis
  • Lowers physician burnout /Improving pre and post visit documentation
  • Reduce your operational costs by 70%
  • Excellent Client references

We work with all EMRs

As a 360 degree RCM destination in healthcare, we offer support in:

So what is holding you back! Increase appointments, earn more revenue, ensure both patient and physician satisfaction and stop losing your precious time with clinical documentation. Let us assist you with all to ensure an efficient workflow.

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