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Podiatry is a medical specialty that specializes in diagnosing and treating injuries, conditions, defects and function of the foot and ankle.

However, its billing and coding operation can be quite complex and confusing. This is mainly because the service and procedure related to the foot are very specific because of medical necessity requirements and also have restrictions on the conditions that can be treated. Secondly, the rigid coverage regulations concerning podiatry billing make it really difficult to get claims approved instantly.

In fact, this is why a complete understanding of what is covered and what are not, the codes for the services and clean documentation become extremely essential here to get the maximum reimbursement. Finding a team that knows to stay current with constant billing and coding changes, current code needed in the podiatry billing and manages your billing complications is a game changer for many podiatric physicians.

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sunknowledge advantageThe Sunknowledge approach:

Helping you with all your payments and cleaner claims submission on time, right checks and balances in both pre and post RCM needs, Sunknowledge Services Inc for the last 15 + years is helping many leading providers in this space. With experienced professionals who have a complete understating of the industry mandates and the challenges associated with podiatry billing, Sunknowledge today is known for offering the highest productivity metrics across the industry, seamless billing transaction and improved ROI.

 Sunknowledge – the answer for your Podiatry billing:

Podiatry billing services

We have a team of dedicated billers and certified coders to manage your podiatry billing services who are specifically trained to offer cutting edge data-driven solutions to improve your revenue generation in no time. Offering you customized billing solutions for your podiatry billing needs and minimizing accounts receivable days, reducing denials, and optimizing collection results; Sunknowledge further stays current with changing coding rules and adhering to best practices to help you with better ROI.

Our staff has the training and experience to manage and meet all your billing needs.

So trust us to bring you the best in class billing and coding solution for your podiatry billing.

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