Payment Posting Services

Round the clock Payment posting & EOB Management Service

Rejected and delayed payments can be a huge setback for a healthcare provider. Payment Posting is a critical feature in healthcare revenue cycle management. Successful posting of payments with patient accounts helps in analyzing the revenue cycle a lot easier. Identification of the line denials and resolving the reason for the denial prevents future claims getting rejected for the same reason.

 Each day pending accounts receivable contributes to rising denials. The faster it is addressed, the better! Sunknowledge Services Inc is a next gen medical billing & collections company, catering round the clock Payment Posting & EOB Management services. We reduce time in your billing process by upgrading productivity and maximizing your cash flow.

Our Payment Posting Services Action Plan: Our Answer in Eight Steps

  • Create batch/ deposit
  • Link insurances from the received checks
  • Select the patient account
  • Select the encounter
  • Post the payment
  • Manage denial according to denial type
  • Manage recoupment
  • Transfer balance to patient account to generate statement

The Sunknowledge Solution to Challenges

  • Challenge: Patient not found in system
  • Solution: It may happen due to system migration, need to check in the other system
  • Challenge: Invoice is closed
  • Solution: Need to post payment as overpayment so that refund can be initiated in future
  • Challenge: Incomplete/Missing EOB
  • Solution: Download EOB from online portal if access is enabled
  • Challenge: Patient balance not available
  • Solution: Post payment from old to new Date of Service
  • Challenge: Patient paid excess
  • Solution: Post excess amount against latest DOS as overpayment to be applied later

The reason we are your reliable operational extension

  • The best and the cheapest rates in the industry
  • 99% accuracy
  • Over 100’s of clients
  • Excellent references

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr. (all inclusive)*.

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