Why Sunknowledge Services is the perfect fit as your orthotics and prosthetics pre billing destination

Orthotics Order EntryTo survive a normal life with the help of orthotics and prosthetics pieces of equipment is such a help, for the people who need them. A needy person will only know the best. For any orthotics and prosthetics needed person, even waiting for one day for its orthotics and prosthetics item is really stressful. Whereas often it is seen an orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization process requires a minimum of 3 business days. Moreover, with the increase in the percentage of old aged peoples walkers, wheelchair, and cranes are the most common pieces of Orthotics and prosthetics equipment that are in demand.

This is why Sunknowledge Services is here to help.

Why Sunknowledge Services the perfect fit?

Offering you with the highest productivity metrics at a low service charge which no in-house staff or any other RCM organization can offer, we are here with the perfect robust redundancy plan for your orthotics and prosthetics billing services.

Delivering all the heavy lifting work that improves the cash flow in the long run, Sunknowledge experts are always upgraded in all financial mapping, billing and coding and all rules and regulation related to this domain.

With complete operational transparency, proper execution in dealing with aging accounts and adjusting the process gap which is the key for stable financial reimbursements; Sunknowledge experts are in fact known for:

  • 70% reduction in your operational cost immediately
  • Over 100s of excellent client references
  • Only RCM organization to offer pre-billing services
  • Proficiency across all major O&P practice management systems

Our complete orthotics and prosthetics pre billing services include:


  • Order entry 
  • Eligibility and benefits verification 
  • Prior authorization
  • Medical coding
  • Order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of delivery

Other advantages of partnering with us:

  • Reducing the Accounts Receivable Bucket by 30% within 1 Month
  • Account Manager/ Employees available at all times over an US phone number
  • Robust reporting according to the client’s protocol
  • No FICA, paid holidays, medical benefits etc.
  • No binding contract
  • Working with the largest HME billing company

So leverage Sunknowledge benefits for your orthotics and prosthetics pre billing. We are just a call away!

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