Powerful Support in Medical Records Scanning and Indexing

Are you confused as a multi-specialty clinic or hospital with stacks of information that are difficult to access? Sunknowledge Services Inc has a lot of indexing services available for you to get your documents scanned and transferred into electronic files which can be easily accessed from your EMR or practice management software.

The US government mandate that asks for management physical medical records and that too for a minimum of 7 years which has forced healthcare clinics and hospitals to store vast data amounts with related information of patients.

We help you save both money and time with medical records scanning and indexing services. Our team has all the understanding on any healthcare document faxing requirements. With excellent references in medical records indexing and faxing, we deliver according to client requirements with ease and excellence.

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

What do we offer in our document indexing services?

At Sunknowledge, our team effectively handles everything right from indexing of diverse patterns of medical records that includes:
















After completion of your indexing process, we place your medical records in the practice management system for your clinical staff that can easily access and retrieve information as and when they need it.

 Our Process in Medical Records Indexing

We have time tested process in medical records scanning and indexing that is 100% HIPAA compliant, fast and efficient. Our process is specifically designed to minimize TAT, maximize productivity and increase your accuracy. We index all types of medical records that include:

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Personal Health Information (PHI)

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

We follow all the processes that comprises of

The batches are scanned for indexing by the office staff of the client.


Access Medical Records-01Access Medical Records:
Our team accesses all the records


Search the patient details using the MRN, First and Last Name, SSN etc


quality check-01Quality Check:
Each batch is checked for indexing accuracy by the Quality Analyst staffs

Using the six sigma process, all the errors are tracked for the corrective actions

Tools that we use for Document Indexing

As a leading medical record indexing and scanning destination, we believe in providing our clients error free and high quality services and that too at a quick TAT. It is possible by leveraging some of the latest tools that includes













and many more…!

Why choose Sunknowledge for Medical records scanning and faxing

Outsourcing all your services to Sunknowledge Services Inc entitles you to a series of benefits. Some of the reasons to choose us as your ultimate partner includes:

Qualified-team-in-IndexingQualified team in Indexing: Our team has great experience in medical billing and document indexing. You can be rest assured that all your documents will be properly scanned as well as appropriately indexed into digital records.


Affordable-rates-at-the-highest-productivityAffordable rates at the highest productivity: One full time employee working only for you will be doing 200 indexing and faxing a day at $7 per hour. We take pride in having the best productivity in the entire RCM world.


Top-Class-Information-Security-StandardsTop Class Information Security Standards: Our team takes data security of patient information extremely seriously. We are a ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2015 standard healthcare services company and all your patient information is safe with us.


High-AccuracyHigh Accuracy: Our team maintains 99.99% accuracy with complete consistency of all your medical records. We manage details of each scanned record and then index it to your EMR system.


Reducing-denialsReducing denials: Loopholes in coding and data inaccuracies are main reasons for claim denials. Our skilled team at Sunknowledge Services Inc will handle all your front and back end work reducing your denials sharply in just a few days!


Extensive-ExperienceExtensive Experience: We have over a decade experience of working with DME providers, MSO’s , TPA’s , skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, urgent care centers, radiology and dermatology practices and many more. Our unique presence with both payers and providers makes us a perfect partner for all revenue cycle management needs.


Customized-and-Scalable-SolutionsCustomized and Scalable Solutions: Our team of dedicated professionals has all the needed skills, expertise, and bandwidth to ramp up any service requirement as you need it within a specified TAT.


accessing-information-in-secondsAccessing information in seconds: During the process of indexing, our team will be assigning a special number of identification to each patient record. It enables you to retrieve any medical records within seconds from your practice management system or EMR.


What is Medical Indexing?

Indexing of medical record is the process of organizing medical records and information into an accessible user friendly system. The healthcare industry is still running of fax technology to send and receive patient information. Our team has all the capabilities to do doctor’s office follow up, faxing information- both online and traditional.

What are the indexes that are used in healthcare?

Broadly speaking, the master list of indexing will always include:
• Disease Index
• Master patient Index
• Physician Index
• Procedure Index

What is coding and indexing?

Coding and indexing process allows a large group of documents to be easily reviewed, arranged , searched and easily found by the members of the client staffs. The data elements have to meet client specifications allowing fast searching through any document.

What is replacing traditional fax machine?

Designed for a modern workplace, digital fax services are a perfect replacement for fax machines which are tailored to your business needs. Digital fax clicks tick marks all tick boxes with flexibility and functionality.

How to you define operation index?

It is a numerical scale that is used to compare variables with one another or with some reference number . This is known as Operational indices. In capital planning , ranges of indices can be grouped under three definite categories that includes Condition indices

What is procedure index?

Listing for a specific operative procedure performed under a defined nomenclature. For example, each operative procedure is assigned with a code number and also listed with the other cases having similar code number.

How does indexing help?

Indexing actually helps a faster retrieval of data. It reads and updates the database and also allows you to lookup a small subset of fields. These keys are known as the index points to the actual data records.

How does you Fax to EMR chart solution work?

The unfiled paper or electronic fax documents are send to us, we combine our pool of dedicated experts in healthcare data and technology to collect all the required information. Documents are then autofiled on to your patient records in EMR with completing the orders.

Join our enviable list of serving over 100 clients across specialties and that too with great references. Get all your medical records organized, compiled, indexed and collated into one location for greater transparency. We will be glad to give you a complete preview on what separates us from the rest!  Enough of us! Let’s talk about you!

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