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A lot has been said about the rising financial pressures on small to medium-sized healthcare practices. The industry has observed changingMedical Billers and Coders reimbursement patterns, much of which is due to increased regulatory requirements after the withdrawal of the Affordable Care Act and the introduction of the Final Rule. The insurance companies are dictating terms resulting in a trend towards the high deductible health policies putting the patients at a risk to pay out-of-pocket for their care. No wonder, the revenue returns of the providers have taken a hit in this scenario.

With limited options for medical groups to increase revenue, they must focus on the business side of running a practice along with the patient care side. Unfortunate again, the medical billing and coding staffing challenges are one of the major hurdles to that, especially smaller groups.

As per a survey conducted recently, a 50%-60% increase in FTEs to handle billing, collections, and financial counseling have been noticed in most practices. However, that didn’t help them to increase their revenue lines rather it fared poorly in many cases. Recruiting new resources in these times of high wages is an expensive affair! Only outsourcing your medical billing processes can get you the manpower you need at a performance-based price. However, there’s a risk of contrasting rates involved.

Well, fear not! Sunknowledge Services Inc. is just the solution you are looking for to meet your staffing crisis at the lowest possible costs. We provide you qualified medical billers and specialty-certified coders who not only look after your entire medical billing process but share their knowledge with your staff to ensure your practice stay updated and compliant with government and payer regulations and industry standards. So, how does Sunknowledge gives you an edge? Here is how:

High Pointers

 An all-inclusive charge at only $7 per hour

 Best experienced medical billers and coders at the cheapest rate

 100s of references from top names in healthcare

 Instant reduction in billing costs by 80%

 Increased collection by 97%

 Customized daily/weekly/monthly reports

 Specialized teams for Eligibility Verification / Prior Auth / Compliance / Posting / Accounts receivable recovery, and Denial Management, etc.

 Medical billing and coding accuracy by 99%

 100% HIPAA-HITECH Compliant

 FREE Hiscox Insurance of up to $1 million to cover any error of omission & omission

 FREE dedicated account management support

 FREE Telemedicine platform

All our clients have experienced improved reimbursement, faster collections, zero regulatory and compliance issues, satisfied with their robust growth in financial health. Join the league!

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