Actionable Assistance in Lymphedema Pumps Billing

Sunknowledge Services Inc is a DME/Orthotics & prosthetics billing Services Company. We offer stand alone/ end to end practice management/ revenue cycle managementLymphedema Pump billing services to leading clients in the DME/Orthotics & prosthetics space. Our team has the ability to offer unparalleled support with a keen understanding of the best practices of the industry.

We deliver assistance in both pre billing/ post billing requirements in the DME/Orthotics & prosthetics segment. As a reliable operational arm, our team is proficient across all major billing systems like Brightree, Kareo, OPIE, Fastrack, CPR+ HME, TEAMDME and many more, offer seamless transition. Also, we are capable with any client proprietary platform and deliver according to your protocols.

Sunknowledge Services Inc currently serves the largest DME company in East Coast and extends its foot print to the Hawaii islands in the West. Our understanding of Medicare & Medicaid, commercial insurance across jurisdictions are unique in the competitive landscape. We currently serve more than a 100 clients in HME/ DMEPOS space.

Powerful Support in Lymphedema Pumps billing

Our extensive assistance in front/ back end revenue cycle management helps in delivering complete solutions in Lymphedema pumps billing.

Billing Services

Pre BillingEligibility Verification – online
Eligibility Verification – online (with same/similar check)
Eligibility Verification – calling (with same/similar check)
Eligibility Verification – calling (with same/similar check) BCBS
Prior Authorization
Prior Authorization (with dr.’s office follow/up) / Re-authorization
Dr.’s office follow-up
Order entry (patient, provider, insurance, item etc.)
Post BillingRejection management
Posting – auto (without audit)
Posting – auto (with audit)
Posting – manual
A/R follow-up
A/R & Denial Management
Support ActivitiesCPAP Compliance (with patient counseling calls)
Patient collections
Re-supply order calls (to patient to confirm requirement)
Hold (eligibility, auth, ins. change, manual hold etc.)

Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage in Lymphedema Pumps billing. We are a one stop destination for stand out assistance. Let us share our best practices with you over a “no commitment call”.

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