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Virtual office assistant services have grown exponentially in recent times, especially after the pandemic. Healthcare practices have already started relying on VA services to meet patients’ preferences using technology. The financial aspect is one of the key reasons behind this humongous demand for imaging centers virtual office assistant services.

According to the analysis and forecast report spanning 2019 to 2029, projections indicate a foreseen compound annual growth rate of 26.29% for the revenue within the medical virtual assistant market during this period. You may be wondering about the reason behind the huge growth of virtual assistant services in the U.S. market. Let us delve deeper.

In the current landscape, the escalating expenses in staffing pose a significant challenge for small to medium sized radiology practices. Such imaging centers, lacking a dedicated administrative team, have to grapple with sustaining optimal cash flow, consequently facing revenue downturns. Among the operations of an imaging center, prioritizing clinical duties like CT scans, MRIs, PET scans and other medical images is paramount. But only when non-clinical tasks are expertly managed can one fully devote attention to core clinical activities.

Key Challenges for Practices without Dedicated imaging centers virtual office assistant companies

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  • Time Constraints: Diagnostic imaging centers lacking dedicated non-clinical support personnel invest nearly 45 hours per week in managing administrative tasks like helpdesk support, EHR/EMR updates, insurance verification, and other critical but non-clinical duties. This workload leaves many image centers feeling significantly overwhelmed.


  • Poor Patient-Doctor Engagement: Patients frequently encounter difficulties navigating complex medical applications, resulting in communication gaps with their physicians.


  • Budgetary Limitations: The majority of medium and small-scale imaging centers lack sufficient budget and resources to establish and maintain a dedicated administrative support team consistently, including appropriate salaries and employee benefits.


  • Revenue Loss: Inaccuracies in managing PHI and insurance details can lead to claim denials, reimbursement delays, increased patient waiting times, and dissatisfaction. Imaging centers often neglect crucial administrative areas while handling clinical responsibilities, resulting in revenue loss.


Let us share two crucial industry insights with you.

  • A 2020 JAMA study suggests that healthcare virtual assistants could save up to $22,000 per physician yearly.
  • Research from 2021 in Telemedicine and e-health indicates that delegating non-clinical tasks to a VMA could save an average of $15,000 per physician annually.

We, at Sunknowledge, as one of the best imaging centers virtual office assistant services have got your back with more than a decade of domain-specific experience and the team of proficient imaging center virtual assistant services!

Outsource Radiology Virtual Office Assistant Services to Sunknowledge

As one of the leading U.S.-based virtual office assistant services companies, we assist you to reduce operational cost by up to 80% while boosting revenue by almost 70%.

Check out the benefits of leveraging our imaging centers virtual office assistant services:

  • Free up core medical staff for patient care by reducing administrative duties
  • Immediately slash overhead expenses by at least 50%, mitigating extra office needs
  • Boost efficiency by integrating skilled virtual assistants into your practice team
  • Double productivity with reliable remote support, ensuring prompt patient attention
  • No investment is required in training or resources for virtual assistants. We take care of it all on your behalf.
  • No need to worry about employee benefits for our Virtual Office Assistant For Imaging Centers Practice; we cover all such expenses

Our Imaging Centers Virtual Office Assistance Includes:

  • Front-desk services
  • Helpdesk support
  • A very proficient US English speaking staff
  • Appointment scheduling & rescheduling
  • Patient follow-ups
  • Documentation
  • Patient screening
  • Insurance verification
  • Updating EHR/EMR
  • Handling pre-authorization requests
  • Insurer follow-ups
  • Transcription
  • Telehealth support
  • Remote patient monitoring, and more

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Why Choose Sunknowledge as the Imaging Centers Practice Virtual Office Assistant

  • A dedicated team of VAs boasting a minimum of 3 years of industry expertise
  • Dedicated resources with US phone numbers accessible during all US working days
  • Potential for up to 80% decrease in operational expenses
  • No Paid Time Offs (PTO) necessary
  • No worries about attrition (as commonly seen with regular, in-house staff)
  • Specialized revenue cycle workforce management
  • Skilled in accurate US-centric communication
  • Unwavering commitment to 100% HIPAA compliance
  • No binding contracts; cancel anytime
  • Special emphasis on keeping patient information secure using secure infrastructure that includes Phone lines, VPN setup, FTP server etc

Focus on superior patient care, reduce administrative cost, streamline operations, and boost efficiency for your Imaging Center’s peak performance. Elevate your services with trusted Imaging Center virtual assistant services and start delivering uncompromised, top-notch patient care.

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