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In a typical home healthcare scenario, you need to cover a wide range of medical services in patients’ homes for injuries or illnesses. In most cases, home healthcare is found to be less expensive and more convenient for patients than hospitals and specialty nursing facilities. Like any other healthcare practice, building a successful home healthcare practice depends heavily on efficient practice management. Your patients require your undivided attention, which often becomes difficult to provide when you are too caught up with front-end and backend tasks. And this is where home healthcare virtual office assistant services can prove to be immensely advantageous.

Sunknowledge, one of the best home healthcare virtual office assistant companies, can be your perfect ally in managing your practice professionally and efficiently, allowing you to completely focus on what you do best – taking care of your patients.

Outsource Virtual Office Assistance for Home Healthcare

Let us share some facts with you. In a 2020 JAMA study, it was found that healthcare virtual assistants could potentially save up to $22,000 per physician annually. Additionally, a 2021 study published in Telemedicine and e-Health indicated that delegating non-clinical tasks to a VMA (Virtual Medical Assistant) could save an average of $15,000 per physician per year.

Most home healthcare companies often face challenges with the shortage of skilled labor and experienced personnel in the market. Furthermore, small or medium homecare services do not often have sufficient budgets to establish a team of expert admin staff.

How Can We Help?

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If you are facing any of these challenges, outsourcing to a competent and experienced home healthcare virtual office assistant service provider would be the best solution for you. At Sunknowledge, our remote experts are experienced and skilled to streamline practices like registering new patients, pursuing prior authorizations, medical billing and collections, data entry, back-office support, customer center, contact center and concierge, accounting and bookkeeping, and many others.

Key Benefits of Hiring Our Virtual Office Assistants for Home Healthcare Practices

The overall success of any home healthcare company depends on providing excellent care for its patients, and ensuring the best experience for them round the clock. Unfortunately, poor office management approaches can take a toll on your patient-experience score.

It does not matter how excellent patient care you provide. Without streamlining an efficient and systematic administrative methodology, it is difficult to ensure patient satisfaction and a healthy revenue flow.

By outsourcing administrative and associated operational tasks to a dedicated home healthcare virtual office assistance provider, you can stay better focused on extending the best care to your patients. Trust our vast pool of trained workers, years of experience and highly streamlined operations to take complete care of all your non-clinical administrative tasks and requirements. We know what it takes to take care of your daily non-clinical tasks seamlessly and accurately.

Other crucial advantages that you enjoy with our home healthcare virtual office management services are:

  • No additional office space or cost for establishing a dedicated administrative team
  • We free you up from associated expenses such as purchasing computers, phones, internet connection, and furniture for establishing a practice management team
  • No PTOs (Paid time off) as our remote staff are always available at your service
  • No need to worry about employee medical and retirement benefits as these are covered by us
  • Quick on-boarding of trained staff; build your team from 1000’s of available resources
  • Finally, engage our virtual assistance services at only $7/hour (all-inclusive), with no additional payment and hidden costs

Our Home Healthcare Remote Assistance Support Includes

Front-desk Services

  • Appointment booking
  • Reception and concierge

Documentation Services

  • Chart preparation and MR filling
  • Intake and Consent

Remote On-boarding Services

  • Checking
  • Timely follow-up and confirmation

Aftercare Services

  • Scheduling and orders
  • Check out

Referrals and Prior Authorization Support

  • eMR practice
  • Authorization

Management Services

  • Pharmacy help-desk
  • Records and billing
  • Physician schedule management

Why Choose Sunknowledge as Your Home Healthcare Virtual Office Assistant Partner?

  • Immediate access to an extensive pool of proficient Virtual Medical Assistants
  • Up to 80% reduction in operational expenses
  • Full availability during normal office hours in every US time-zone, and beyond
  • Expertise in precise, US-centric communication
  • 100% compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • No binding contracts; opt out any time
  • No training cost; free 30-day transition
  • Only $7/hour per Full-time Equivalent (FTE) with no added charges

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