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The range of services that a patient can receive at home is limitless. On the basis of a patient’s health, the care extends from nursing care to specialized medical and laboratory services.
At home, health care billing services include doctor care, nursing care, and physical, occupational, or speech therapy. In other words, home care is short-term, physician-directed care designed to help a patient prevent or recover from an injury, or illness during a hospital stay.

Insurance Regulations: Home Healthcare Billing

When it comes to managing home care claims, ensuring compliance with billing and clinical regulations is mandatory. A regular audit is performed on all Medicare final claims, ensuring transparency in the front end makes or breaks the collections process.

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Also, ICD-10 codes need to be reviewed for the necessity report. You need to implement checks and balances with clinical compliance audits, and contacting experts with questions. As a provider, all you need is a team with experience in home health care billing services.

What makes us your go-to-partner in Home Health Care Billing

Our understanding of how to bill insurance companies for home health billing services is exemplary. We take pride in our robust processes, infrastructural prowess, and excellent references from the best in the home healthcare space.
The understanding that we bring to the table in consolidated home health care billing makes us the desired vendor for our clients. Moreover, we are versatile across all billing and practice management systems. Our team believes in working according to your protocols and promises a reduction in your operational expenses.

Exclusive front and back-end Support

Sunknowledge Services Inc ensures the highest productivity standards and optimizes your revenue cycle performance. Our niche presence and out-of-the-box support meet all front and back-end requirements for in-home healthcare billing. With top-class references, our services include:

Home Health care BillingPre-Billing
♣ Order Entry
♣ Eligibility Verification and Authorization
♣ Doctor Office Follow-up
♣ Order Confirmation
♣ Scheduling of Delivery

♣ Creation of Claims
♣ Claims Submission & Rejections
♣ Payment Posting
♣ Rejection & Denial Management
♣ A/R Management

Why we are your ultimate home health billing destination

♠ Reducing operational expenses by 80%
♠ Highest Productivity Standards in the industry
♠ Seamless communication best practices
♠ Account managers/ team leaders available anytime
♠ 100’s of excellent client references
♠ No binding contracts
♠ Improve your collections by 97%
♠ 99.9% home health billing and coding accuracy
♠ Customized reporting


How do you define home health in medical billing?

After home health plan of care is prescribed by a physician, the patient’s condition is assessed by the HHA and determined the level of skilled nursing care needed. It also includes therapy, home health aided services, which begins at the onset of the 60 day certification period.

How much does Medicare pay for any home health services hourly?

A social worked, a therapist or a nurse may cost you almost $70 to $100 per hour. It is generally agreed that Medicare and Medicaid pays almost 90% of the cost with any agency offering home health services.

Who are the biggest payers in the country for home health services?

Medicare is actually one of the largest payers of home health services.

What are the ways to pay for In-home care?

It includes all kinds of reverse mortgages, Medicare, annuities , private insurance such has long term care insurance and life insurance. Also it includes public programs such as Veteran benefits and Medicaid.

What is a 321 type bill?

The NUBC has discontinued the use of TOB 331 and re designated TOB 321 as Home Health services under a plan of treatment admit which is processed through discharge.

How Medicare reimburses Home Health?

The certified agency is paid one payment for the covered services that you get for a 30 day period. Payment for each 30 day period is based on your needs of patient care and physical condition.

What are your charges in home healthcare billing?

We offer front and back end home healthcare billing with our dedicated resources at $7 per hour. Our experts reduce your operational expenses by 80% serving as a reliable operational extension.

When can you start?

As soon as your sign the agreement with us, our team will get in touch for a transition period which will be a phase of sharing of information and preparing the process manual. Based on the same, we will “ Go Live” and will serve you as a competent home healthcare billing partner.

We have an answer to your workload challenges

Speak to our team, schedule a “no-commitment” call with our experts and know what makes us unique. We are your best bet in these trying circumstances with any issues of labor shortage. In fact, the dedicated resources will be working as an extension of your operational practices.

Hire us for staying ahead of the competition and transform your flow of collections. Our flexibility, ability to understand individual processes separates us from the rest in the RCM world. You are a call away from us!

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