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Almost half of patients consider the cost when deciding whether or not to visit a healthcare provider. This means that knowing how much they will have to pay influences their choice.

Also, about 70% of them are likely to pay if they receive an estimate on the day of the services. Hence, patient experience is a must have for any medical services provider. However, challenges with HME insurance verification services make things worse for HME suppliers.

Clearly, the entire challenge for a HME supplier is with their front-end tasks with verification processes. Working on inventory management, HME insurance verification services, prior authorization, order entry and confirmation are serious tasks as well as time consuming. In fact, outsourcing HME insurance verification services and verifying insurance eligibility have gained momentum precisely for this reason.

The ideal one to manage HME insurance eligibility verification

The challenge is finding the best HME insurance verification company that can help increase profits by being competitive. Rising overhead expenses, high salaries of in house front office staffs are creating enough ruckuses for HME suppliers.

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Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

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Verifying patient insurance with a reliable partner so that you have proper insurance verification processes is critical. The partner will benefit you in the future. Insurance verification for HME involves multiple tasks that include

  • Understanding the benefits coverage of the patients
  • Ensuring that the involved procedure and the HME items cover
  • Contacting the auth department of the insurance
  • Knowledge of the immediate guidelines with Medicare Part B mandates for HME practices

Payments are delayed as providers lack knowledge in using HME items and proper documentation to prove medical necessity. Covering some items while leaving others uncovered can put your payments on hold. So, HME insurance verification services help providers improve their practice management standards.

Tailored support in insurance verification for HME practices

At Sunknowledge, insurance verification specialists believe in delivering actionable support that can drive your ROI. Currently, our team of HME insurance eligibility verification experts will completely transform your pre billing efforts. Our unique methodology viz. the ability to work as a genuine arm of your operations is what that separates us from the rest.

Our team checks if patients qualify for coverage and calculates their payment and insurance reimbursement. It paves the way for lesser denials in the long run and consequently improves the claims submission process. It cuts costs by 80% and improves your financial situation as an HME supplier.

Unmatched proficiency across systems

Our team is perfectly prepared to work across multiple HME billing software systems and even client models. We know how to work on

  • Brightree
  • SOS
  • Emdeon
  • Capario One
  • Meditech
  • Kareo
  • Alpha Collector
  • Fastrack
  • OPIE
  • CPR+ HME
  • Futura
  • DME Works
  • PrimeRx
  • Team DME, & many more

Reduce denials and eliminate DSO headaches and delays in HME insurance verification with our comprehensive approach. We deliver full support at just $7 per hour and have the perfect understanding to change your reimbursement volume with our customized approach.

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