Health System Coding Services

Hurdles Facing Health Systems

1 million claims a year just one of the challenges that Health Systems face in managing their revenue cycle. Add to it an average 30-day delay in receiving payment and a 15% denial rate, and you have the recipe for a perfect storm. It is somewhat unnerving to know that denials and late payments collectively cost Health Systems an average of $15 million/year.

The best way to solve this problem lies in ensuring accurate coding and billing functions bby using well-trained and skilled resources.

This is where we come in.

Something that we pride ourselves on. For close to two decades, Sunknowledge has been assisting healthcare providers across the US with trained and skilled, fully certified medical coders. Building an in-house coding desk can take a lot of cost and time. With Sunknowledge, healthcare practices now have a convenient and instant access to a vast pool of medical billers, coders and other RCM personnel – available for work at a remarkably low rate.

The Complex World of Medical Coding

Coding for healthcare services is a highly specialized field of work. The following are some of the elements and guidelines that form part of a successful medical coding continuum.

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT):

  • Standard code set for billing medical procedures.
  • Ensures the correct coding of each procedure performed.

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS):

  • Used to bill for non-physician services like laboratory tests and durable medical equipment.
  • Ensures the correct coding for these services and products.

International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM):

  • Used to diagnose patients’ conditions.
  • Ensures the correct coding for each diagnosis.

National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI):

  • Edits to prevent inappropriate coding combinations.
  • Adherence ensures accurate billing.

Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs):

  • Policies used by Medicare contractors to determine coverage.
  • Awareness of applicable LCDs is crucial for accurate billing.

Medical Policy Bulletins (MPBs):

  • Provide information about Medicare’s coverage policies.

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

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Complete Health System Coding Support

Every healthcare practice needs to take coding seriously. This is because erroneous or inaccurate codes lead to revenue leaks. At Sunknowledge we have all the proper checks and balances in place to ensure that every coding chart is perfect, free from errors, and contains all the right codes and modifiers for optimized reimbursement. Here are 4 main aspects of our coding services:

Health System Coding Services

The Sunknowledge Advantage in Health Systems Coding

Our tailored coding solutions, and robust, comprehensive support have helped medical enterprises thrive. At Sunknowledge, we believe that great coding does not happen by accident. It comes only through a disciplined approach. Here are some highlights of our services:

  • Industry Insight
    As reliable partners in medical coding, our deep understanding of health system coding complexities helps navigate the intricate coding landscape. Our experts ensure accurate billing for a wide spectrum of services and specialties.
  • Tailored Solutions
    Through customized coding solutions, we address the specific needs of Health Systems. From comprehensive medical billing and coding support, to denial management and collecting from account receivable, our services streamline the entire revenue cycle for a distinctly improved outcome.
  • Proven Efficiency
    Reduce operational cost by 80% immediately with our highly streamlined and cost-effective solutions. Benefit from our industry-leading productivity metrics and a service charge that’s hard to beat.
  • End-to-End Support
    Experience a seamless process from new patient entry to payment posting, and beyond. Our team is dedicated to optimizing your revenue generation and handling your billing and practice management hassles, allowing you to focus more on patient care.

Give us a call today, or fill up the Contact Form to schedule a commitment-free discussion. Be ready to experience the transformative impact of precise coding on your financial health and operational efficiency… with Sunknowledge!

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