Gastroenterology Prior Authorization Services

Prior Authorization Assistance in Gastroenterology: An Introduction

Is the tedious and lengthy process of prior authorization for GI becoming a bottleneck for running a smooth patient-care practice? We, at Sunknowledge, have got your back by providing precise and accurate Gastroenterology prior authorization support for the widest range of medications and procedures.

At Sunknowledge Services Inc., we have been providing highly evolved and streamlined prior authorization services and e-authorization to numerous gastroenterology practices for close to two decades. Our experienced pre-authorization experts possess the skills needed to streamline the pre-certification process for hospital admissions, surgeries, outpatient care, and various procedures. From initiating a PA request, to following up with the Physician’s office for collecting necessary documents, to pursuing re-authorization or retro authorization+ – we offer comprehensive GI prior authorization help for your practice.

+Even though we extend full assistance in retro authorization, it is not a guaranteed service as the outcome is extremely Payer-specific and subject to the Payer’s specific guidelines in this regard.

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It’s time to say “NO” to tedious paperwork, lengthy phone calls to the Payer helpdesk, and keeping your staff tied to the desk for hours instead of attending to your patients. Slash the reimbursement time substantially and increase your collections by outsourcing to a Gastroenterology Prior Authorization company like us and see the difference in a matter of days.

Building a Better Prior Authorization Experience

A disposable indulgence, or a necessary evil? The debate on the real nature and utility of Prior Authorization in healthcare continues to rage. 

How Can We Help?

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Insurance companies consider Prior Auth as extremely helpful in optimizing medical expenses and ensuring better patient safety. Healthcare providers look upon the process as a hurdle in the patient-care journey, often leading to uncomfortable delays, patients prematurely aborting treatment, or even worse outcomes.

Whichever side you take, Prior Auth is a difficult chip to shake off in the context of generating revenue from healthcare practices. We understand, and this is why we leave no stone unturned to streamline your entire prior authorization process in the best possible way so that you can maximize collections from your submitted claims. As one of the leading providers of prior authorization services in the US, we offer a comprehensive range of services to assist healthcare providers.

Some Common GI Procedures and Medications Requiring Pre-authorization

Gastroenterology is dedicated to diagnosing and treating disorders affecting the digestive system, encompassing the stomach, intestines, liver, and pancreas. Our assistance extends to obtaining prior authorization for various procedures and medications commonly undertaken by GI practices. Some of the frequently used procedures and medications are as follows:

Gastroenterology Prior Authorization

Why Sunknowledge Services Inc.?

With more than 16 years of profound industry experience and advanced technology, we stand among pioneering Gastroenterology prior authorization vendors in America. We deliver upon our commitment with utmost dedication to all our healthcare clients across 50 states. A few reasons why most leading Gastroenterology practices consider us their trusted e-authorization partner include:

  • Fully-Trained and Certified Resources: Instant access to a pool of 3,500+ medical billing personnel, including Prior Authorization experts, billers & coders, accounts receivable & denial management personnel, virtual assistants, and more.
  • Highly Evolved & Streamlined Operations: Embracing the best industry standards in healthcare billing and remuneration, we have developed highly efficient processes that help healthcare providers get more done in less time with fewer errors – everything to ensure maximum collections.
  • Uncompromised Data Security: We are a ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2015 certified company, maintaining full and uninterrupted HIPAA compliance, to ensure complete security and confidentiality of all PHI.
  • Swift Turnaround Time: In the realm of healthcare practices, every moment holds a financial value. Our methodical approach guarantees prompt documentation and a rapid approval rate. We guarantee 100% Prior Auth request initiations every day, leaving zero backlogs. Our blazing fast process ensures that STAT requests are completed within 15 minutes (max.)
  • Huge Savings in Operational Cost: Our pre-authorization services, available at a low, flat hourly rate, are designed to unlock savings of up to 80% on operational costs, ultimately enhancing your profitability. With our powerful and superbly efficient Virtual Assistance services, we regularly complete Prior Auth tasks faster than regular in-office staff, and at a much lower cost.
  • Facilitating better patient-care: For any healthcare practice, the foremost priority is patient-care and ensuring a high degree of patient-satisfaction. Our GI prior authorization services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your business operations, allowing you to fully dedicate yourself to taking care of your patients without worrying about billing tasks.

Other Gastroenterology RCM Services that We Provide

  • Patient Eligibility Verification Checks
  • Gastroenterology Accounts Receivable & Denial Management
  • Gastroenterology Coding Services
  • Virtual Office Assistant Services
  • Payment Posting
  • Contact Center Services (including Patient Calling and Scheduling)

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Gastroenterology Prior Authorization Outsourcing

Sunknowledge, an American-owned and operated company headquartered in New York City, stands as a premier provider of various healthcare Lifecycle Management (LCM) services. Our strength lies in a team of meticulously trained and highly experienced pre-authorization specialists, ready to expedite and streamline all PA tasks.

With our expertise, we take the burden off your shoulders by efficiently managing the entire pre-authorization process – leaving you free to focus on serving your customers and cultivating your brand, while we handle the intricate billing details with precision and dedication.

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