Decoding The World of DME Post Billing Services

Ever changing compliance regulations, labor shortage and constraints are creating huge confusion around the DME industry. Rising costs of training new hires, shrinking collections, absence of quality staffs are also a huge challenge for providers. Finding resources is becoming increasingly difficult by the day.

As a DME supplier neglecting all the existing challenges can all compound to slow revenue and productivity. If you are looking for a serious partner that can revive your DME post billing plan, look no further than Sunknowledge Services Inc! We have been a champion RCM services company that has accelerated cash flow for some of the largest DME suppliers across the country.

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What is DME post billing?

dme post billingAfter the coding is done in the invoice, it is critical to compile all the documents and the records for electronic claim submission. It is important to check that the documentation is accurate as missing information are one of the major reasons for denials. We have the ultimate plan in place with DME post billing and pay close attention to every details ensuring clean submission lowering your DSO and rejections.

DME Post Billing Services That we Offer

At Sunknowledge Services Inc, you can be rest assured that the best in the business work with us. Our resources have top class standards and great experience to deal with any DME post billing needs. We deliver actionable support that defines your ROI goals once and forever. We offer the following services in DME post billing.

completion-01Data capture: We appoint trained experts with a goal to eliminate any fatal and non fatal errors in your data capture process. Our team collaborates with your point of contacts to obtain all the relevant information that is needed by the insurance companies. We collect, analyze and securely hold the data for easy retrieval and hassle free DME post billing.


Follow up-01Practice Statements: We have a team that sends all the routine statements as per your specific requirements by summarizing the facility and the practice. Our team will be checking all the statements for errors before dispatching the copy.


On boarding-01Rejection Management: Discrepancies in payment are quite hard to resolve without expert knowledge and carrier specific guidelines. If the reimbursed value is not what you expected, our denial management experts will rectify all the flaws if you are underpaid or your claims are getting denied. We will be filing the appeal so that you get correctly reimbursed without any further confusion.


Application-01Claims Submission: We work with all the reorder invoices and claim documents as per specific payer preferences as we know that every insurance provider has unique standard for accepting documents from the initiator. After full completion of the paper and digital documents, we file the claim electronically as per the required format.


Access Medical Records-01Payment Posting: Once we receive the EOB and payments, every detail is audited. After ensuring the data is correct and error free, we update the values for keeping the records. We also communicate the same with you so that amount can be compared and reconciled with our records from your side.


Speak to our team and come to know what makes us unique in the world of DME post billing services. We will love to share our ideas and best practices with you over a no commitment discussion.

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