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Any DME item has to be medically essential. It needs to be of specialized necessity, and billing for it requires complete knowledge of all the HCPCS level II codes and an understanding of the overall reimbursement process associated with DME coding services. In fact, standalone coding services for DME providers have evolved as a genuine solution, and a lot of suppliers are now looking for vendors that can deliver the same.

A quality DME coding services company knows how to code the claims based on whether the item is purchased or rented. Further to this knowledge, it is also important to be fully conversant with the basic requirements needed to bill and when to send the claims for timely and accurate reimbursements.

Durable Medical Equipment HCPCS codes range from E0100 to E8002 and some of them are:

  • E0100-E0159. Walking Aids and Attachments.
  • E0160-E0162. Sitz Bath/Equipment.
  • E0163-E0175. Commode Chair and Supplies.
  • E0181-E0199. Pressure Mattresses, Pads, and Other Supplies.
  • E0200-E0239. Heat, Cold, and Light Therapies.
  • E0240-E0249. Bathing Supplies.

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How to Outsource DME Coding Services to a Competent Partner

It is pretty evident that to enhance your reimbursement process, you might have to outsource DME coding services to someone with an intrinsic understanding on how to drive excellence and accountability. It helps in reducing your operational expenses and also improves your denial management efforts with coding for DME prescribers.

However, the confusion arises in choosing the ideal one that can efficiently manage the coding services for DME vendors. Creating best-in-class opportunities to manage coding services for DME manufacturers and suppliers requires special expertise. A quality DME coding services company helps in addressing this in the right earnest.

Sunknowledge as Your Reliable DME Coding Services Destination

Outsource DME coding services to us at these testing times of employee shortage and high salaries. At just $7 per hour, our team promises to deliver you accurate DME coding services that will upgrade your claims submission efforts.

Sunknowledge has been a trendsetter amongst DME coding companies and knows how to optimize your ROI by working as a reliable operational extension. Speak to our experts to know more about the value that we deliver with our tailored coding services for DME providers.

Our accurate coding services for DME manufacturers and suppliers, without the dangers of any upcoding and downcoding, will completely transform your reimbursement possibilities once and for all.

Partner with Us for Exceptional DME Coding Services

For the perfect combination of excellence and economy, look no further than Sunknowledge. Try us for your DME coding needs and get comprehensive support at next door rates. Our team will be assigning the correct HCPCS level II codes and will be billing the patient’s insurance company with unmatched speed and precision.

We will also be ensuring that every piece of equipment and all accessories are coded properly and the necessary paperwork is extended to the payer for quick reimbursement.

Our team will be glad to give you a complete outline on what makes us a powerhouse in the world of Durable Medical Equipment/DME coding services. Outsource DME coding services to us as we know how to bill for better transparency and accountability for better revenue cycle management.

Talk to Us for Exclusive DME Coding Services

We offer tailored coding services for DME providers that have the capability to make your payments consistent in the long run. As a pioneer in the world of DME coding companies, we can do wonders to your bottom line with our professional intervention, reduce claim denials and improve your collections.

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