Dermatology Accounts Receivable Services

Dermatology is a complex domain. We know that as a certified dermatologist you often deal with different skin, hair, and finger-related problems like acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, hair issues, fungal infections, warts, eczema, topical medications, dermatohistopathology, phototherapy, laser therapy and surgery and more; for which getting properly reimbursed at times is quite a challenge. In fact, today having a seamless dermatology accounts receivable services can be quite demanding. As in dermatology specialties it is often seen accumulate aged A/Rs rupture the cash flow which leads to revenue loss.

While patient care is your primary focus, you cannot forget a critical aspect of a dermatology practice – efficient handling of billing and collection to ensure a perfect condition of revenue. This is exactly where accounts receivable plays a vital role.

Research indicates that approximately 41% of adults in the United States carry healthcare debts exceeding $500 owed to their providers. These outstanding claims pose a significant threat to the revenue generation system of any healthcare practice.

Presently, are you able to invest the same level of focus there?

How about drawing the right balance between patient care and administrative responsibilities?

The truth is many dermatology practices juggle both the work and end up leaving both the works half-baked. Following up on revenue hidden in the maze of payers’ reimbursement is a major concern. When it comes to chasing up pending bills and collection, limited resources, budget constraints, and inefficiencies in denial management become the tight bottleneck.

In fact, most practices get diverted from their core patient care area by A/R factors like frequent insurance claim denials, mounting bad debts, disorganized collections, limited payment choices, etc. So overlooking A/R problems is a NO, as they seriously impact cash flow and consequently your overall profitability.
This is exactly where outsourcing accounts receivable for dermatology practice to Sunknowledge could be the best solution for you!

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

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Outsource Dermatology Denial Management Services to Sunknowledge:

Our well-established and experienced dermatology accounts receivable enable you to streamline your entire invoicing process.

By entrusting accounts receivable services to us, you can guarantee the creation of precise invoices, meticulous tracking of pending revenue and efficient handling of crucial.

Our A/R services ensure –

  • Simplified medical billing and collection process
  • Secure and adequate payment procedures
  • Speedy resolution of outstanding claims
  • Substantially reduced costs associated with A/R follow-ups
  • Steady cash flow from aged accounts that other RCM companies cannot even think of

A closer look into our Dermatology Denial Management Services

Our dermatology denial management services are exclusively designed to prevent 98 % of denials for maximized reimbursements. Our industry-leading knowledge and expertise help us to reduce your present denial rate substantially thereby giving a huge boost to your cash flow. With us, you have full confidence to collect maximum dues from A/R buckets that have aged more than even 100 days!

Other effective denial management steps that we follow are-

  • Sorting denials
  • Pinpointing the exact reasons for denials
  • Claims pre-submission audit
  • Fast resolution
  • Leveraging the best denial management tool

Key benefits of outsourcing dermatology accounts receivable services to us:

  • Unparalleled commitment to resolving aging claims exceeding 90 days
  • Workforce reduction
  • Introducing automated workflow systems
  • Using advanced dashboards and metrics
  • Improving collection methods and reducing days in accounts receivable

Other services that we offer are medical billing, prior authorization, virtual assistant, payor solutions, etc.

Drawing on our strong industry experience and domain expertise, we guarantee an outstanding 80% increase in collections while cutting operational costs. If you want to get more details about our other services, please fill up the form below!

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