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Healthcare Document Management/ Indexing Medical Records

Data Entry ServicesIndexing of medical records is an important aspect of organizing and storing information that includes the patient’s demographic and treatment information which helps in easy retrieval later. It allows the medical staff to have access to all the information that they need easily to determine the treatment option. You must be compliant with the data storage requirements of the patients and other healthcare document management requirements.

Sunknowledge Services Inc has the perfect understanding of the best practices of the industry. The indexing services include Electronic medical record storage, healthcare document management and other indexing of medical records which includes insurance information, patient demographic sheet and the EOB’s along with the health insurance ID card.

We do it everything right from the documents are scanned and available as ready images , performing all the activities with the electronic health record or Document Management system or the practice management software.

It is mandatory in the US to have the physical records be held for a minimum of seven years , which requires paper based records to be stored at different locations. Collating the referral or the review from any healthcare provider is time consuming and delays the entire process.

Our team deploys best in class resources with complete knowledge of medical terminologies to scan each available document. The medical records indexing of these documents are then attained by moving the scanned documents in to appropriate folders and sub folders.

Additionally, you might also need building security to safeguard the physical data theft. All the records and bills of patients can be acquired from a hospital, clinic, or laboratory, and as an extra security measure, you might want to add security cameras, key card access, scanners, etc. that provide integrated alarm systems might be a promising option to explore. Along with data entry service, your data security can become unbreachable.

It facilitates easy retrieval of the records which in turn saves administrative costs and storage needs. Leverage the support we bring to the table with our host of solutions in healthcare document management as well as indexing services at just $7 per hour.

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