Atreyee SavielGeneral Manager, Operations

Atreyee Saviel

Atreyee Saviel has a proven track record of successfully transitioning and managing several processes during her 5+ years’ tenure at Sunknowledge. She has more than 8 – 10 years of experience in transitioning and managing operations in the healthcare domain having worked with Medicare Advantage, Medicaid HMO & commercial plans and has also transitioned and managed DME / Orthotics & Prosthetics / Physician billing processes. Atreyee has also worked extensively on various claims adjudication systems like EZCap, IKA system, Unet and Comet. She has also worked with billing systems like Fastrack, BrightTree, CPR+, OPIE, EmdeonOne, Kareo and credentialing systems like Cactus.

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