ASC Accounts Receivable Services

There has been a growing trend to outsource ASC accounts receivable services to skilled and experienced specialists in this field. Apart from ASC practices, professional A/R services are also in demand by many healthcare practices. Most healthcare practices have already realized the fact that efficient denial management and optimal collection from unpaid claims require a specialized and skilled approach, not to mention, a thorough understanding of Payer guidelines.

No matter what size your ASC is, having a streamlined ASC accounts receivable management process should not be ignored to avoid any potential chance for revenue loss. According to a recent survey conducted by the Medical Group Management Association, practice leaders were asked about shifts in their Accounts Receivable (A/R) duration in 2021. The findings revealed that 49% observed a rise, 15% saw a decline, and 37% stated that their A/R duration stayed the same.

Patients, who choose to have a surgery done at an ASC facility, arrive on the specific day of the surgery, have the surgery performed in a fully equipped operation room, and start the recovery process under the care of skilled nurses. Typically speaking, Ambulatory Surgery Centers cater to medical procedures related to GI, ophthalmology, dermatology, urology, pain and neurology, orthopedics, and others. Managing all these patient-care responsibilities alongside dealing with Payers, following up with them, handling denials, and collecting from submitted claims can be pretty challenging. However, billing tasks should be performed accurately to ensure minimal rejections, optimal reimbursement and avoid losing revenue.

Most ASCs often find it difficult to address the following challenges:

  • Long invoice delivery time
  • Outstanding high-day sales
  • Weak patient-provider relationship
  • Poor ledger organization and management
  • Not enough collection from aging accounts
  • Insufficient process knowledge
  • Irregular follow-ups

If the above challenges sound familiar to you, we have got your back.

How Can We Help?

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Outsource Accounts Receivable for ASC Practices

By outsourcing Accounts Receivable for ASC practices to us, your practice will not only be able to collect from delinquent accounts that you were about to give up on, but also create accurate invoices efficiently, complete billing and administrative tasks swiftly, ensure a smoother cash flow, and impose lesser financial burden on your patients.

When it comes to simplifying end-to-end ASC accounts receivable services, we are your next-door outsourcing partner as we have been providing industry-leading services to more than 2,000 healthcare practices across the US for almost two decades.

One of the strongest reasons why most practices rely on us is our unmatched expertise in working on highly aging accounts. We are adept at pursuing receivables that have been lying unpaid for months.

The truth is, maximum number of denials is caused by the oversight of the billing staff. This is where our professional ASC Denial Management services can work wonders, streamlining the A/R recovery process for the best outcome.

Outsource to the Best ASC Denial Management Services

There can be multiple reasons behind a claim denial. We at Sunknowledge, leave no stone unturned to analyze the exact root cause of each denial and take the best measure to ensure the perfect resolution to receive maximum reimbursements from payers.

Our ASC Denial Management services include:

  • Denial category organization
  • Analyzing specific causes of denial
  • Strong focus on claims reviewing before submission
  • Prompt claims resubmission
  • Utilizing the denial oversight prevention technology

Using our deep industry expertise and specialized understanding of ASC accounts receivable management, we’ve consistently delivered 30 to 40% increase in collections for our clients while slashing operational expenses by as much as 80%.

Overall Benefits of Our Best-in-the-Class ASC Accounts Receivable Services

  • Enjoy healthy cash flow from aged and challenging A/Rs
  • Instant access to a vast pool of trained and skilled A/R experts
  • No staffing costs, equipment expenses, or PTOs (Paid Time Off)
  • Automated workflow system that ensures streamlined process
  • Customized reporting with advanced dashboard and metrics
  • Advanced and fast collection methodology

So what are you waiting for? Establish the industry-leading revenue model by outsourcing your ASC accounts receivable services to us and set your staff free to focus fully on patient care.

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