Best Practices for Managing Your Urgent Care Accounts Receivable Collection

If you’re part of an Urgent Care practice/center seeking an efficient approach to manage all your complex accounts receivable, you’ve found the right solution. Sunknowledge is here to simplify your Urgent Care Accounts Receivable services allowing you to channel your efforts toward what truly matters – providing top-notch patient care.

Understanding Accounts Receivable:

Accounts receivable in Urgent Care refers to the outstanding payments owed to an Urgent Care center for the medical services it has provided to patients. When an Urgent Care center treats a patient, the cost of the visit is recorded as both revenue and as an “accounts receivable” because payment is still pending.

These accounts receivable encompass billings to various entities, including government benefit administrators, private insurance companies, employers (for services like drug screens and physicals), and patients (for balances not covered by insurance). However, maintaining a healthy AR is quite vital for a company’s financial stability and seamless cash flow management.

How Can We Help?

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Challenges in Urgent Care accounts receivable services:

Challenges in accounts receivable management for Urgent Care can significantly affect cash flow and impact profitability. Insurance claim denials are a common hurdle, wherein insurance companies often reject claims for various reasons like missing information, late filing, lost claims, duplicate submissions, and coding errors. These denials, coupled with large amounts of outstanding payments and highly aged accounts receivable adversely affect your bottom line. With disorganized Urgent Care accounts receivable services also come unnecessary write-offs, especially for organizations lacking proper tools for billing transparency.

Sunknowledge – The Key to Efficient Accounts Receivable Management for Urgent Care Practice:

In the realm of robust Urgent Care accounts receivable(AR) management, the secret weapon is a potent combination of a well-structured process, cutting-edge solutions, and experienced billers and coders – areas where Sunknowledge excels in, along with:

  • Dedicated resources ensuring timely payments and efficient tracking overdue-bills
  • 99.9% overall accuracy in every operation
  • Ensuring ‘no back-log’ guarantee to all Urgent Care Centers as we work on all 7 days
  • Proven expertise in recovering aging AR as old as 90 days, or more
  • Being the only RCM services company delivering hand-in-hand support

Why Choose Sunknowledge as your AR Management Partner for Urgent Care Services:

At Sunknowledge, we maximize productivity and claim every dollar that is owed to you. Our flexibility in communication and customized assistance sets us apart. In fact, understanding the importance of cash flow and the challenges of delayed payments, along with common bureaucratic hurdles, we ensure our services are tailored for maximum collections for your Urgent Care practice, ensuring efficient financial operations.

Some of other reasons why our clients love us include:

  • 97% collection
  • 99.9% accuracy
  • Providing end-to-end support and proactive approach to cash recovery
  • Extensive AR follow-ups till resolution
  • Detailed reporting with suggestions
  • 100% HIPAA-HITECH compliance
  • Exceptional productivity standards
  • No write-offs or adjustment on claims without your consent
  • Exceptional Productivity Standards @ only $7 an hour
  • Excellent clients reference across the US

Incorporate our services into your practice and experience the difference. We aim to be your trusted partner in achieving financial success for your Urgent Care facility.

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