Leverage the Sunknowledge Telemedicine Platform to Enhance Your Cash Flow – It’s Free!

For a long time, healthcare providers wanted to offer better care access to their patients, especially for patients in remote locations. One reason behind that was patient welfare; the other was to gain a competitive advantage in the face of changing market conditions. The recent advancements in telemedicine provide the perfect solution to overcome the barriers of distance and help to save lives in emergency situations. Telemedicine is the optimal combination of telecommunication and information technology to provide essential health care for distant patients.

Telemedicine is irrefutably the future of healthcare and at Sunknowledge Services Inc., the future is happening now! Sunknowledge’s cutting-edge telemedicine solutions have brought in a new era of ease and convenience for millions of patients. Patients, from the convenience of home, can now access health care services without having to travel long distances to meet a specialist.

Using a proprietary web-based service that features HD video conferencing, a secure Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with appointment scheduler, a co-pay processing system, and many other features, Sunknowledge offers a complete telemedicine experience. All these functions are available in a 100% HIPAA compliant environment. Believe it or not, Sunknowledge offers its telemedicine platform for FREE with our RCM solution!
Leading healthcare practices use our telemedicine system. So, what do they look for in a telemedicine solution? These are the main issues our platform addresses:

Reimbursement Issues: Telemedicine solves the problem of non-reimbursable cases. We can help convert those into reimbursable encounters by allowing providers to discuss, and review test results and explain treatment efficacy with better efficiency and conviction. It creates a closer connection with the patients and thus, a better understanding of patient information. This connection definitely results in a positive ROI.

Addressing the Aging Patients’ Needs: Telemedicine technology helps in solving the complex problem of the aging population. The technology connects the providers and patients remotely for follow-up visits, medication management, and chronic illness care.

Efficient Care for the Patients with Chronic Diseases: The video technology utilized in the telemedicine platform helps provide efficient care for patients with chronic ailments through regular remote monitoring of wellness programs and treatment.

Reduction in Time and Effort: Telemedicine decreases the amount of time it takes to see each patient and allows providers to conduct some consultations from home. The ready accessibility on an iPhone, iPad, laptop, or similar devices brings a welcome amount of flexibility in working hours. Remote visit appointments can be scheduled after conventional working hours if needed.

With Sunknowledge, you get both a comprehensive end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management and a state-of-the-art Telemedicine platform. This combination can provide an almost immediate increase in revenue as well as better cash flow for your practice.
Sunknowledge gives you what no other medical billing firm can at a flat rate of just $7 per hour. There are no hidden costs. Other companies charge
you an exorbitant rate of 8% to 10 of your collections. Also, the other benefits of your partnership with Sunknowledge are:

♣ No additional cost for any required training
♣ Dedicated account managers
♣ Telemedicine solution with complete Remote Patient Monitoring systems
♣ Virtualized brick and mortar doctor’s office
♣ Only Telemedicine company to provide a fully automated, end-to-end RCM solution
♣ HISCOX insurance coverage for clients of up to $1 million for any error of omission & commission

Sunknowledge has a decade-long experience in providing medical billing solutions in numerous industry verticals like DME billing, urgent care centers, nursing home billing, orthotics and prosthetics, and more. Sunknowledge now welcomes you to join the “healthcare world of the future” and the opportunity to work with the best. Remember, we never lost a client!

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