Robust Security Precautions at Sunknowledge Services Inc.

In the realm of healthcare, emphasizing the significance of security measures is crucial. In fact, the significance of security measures cannot be overstated. At Sunknowledge Services Inc., we’ve established a comprehensive security system that assures complete data protection, confidentiality and patient privacy.
Our security system complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2015 and HIPAA standards, offering you the highest degree of security and privacy.

Overview of Our Security System:

➣ Regular audits of employees accessing client data
➣ Procedures and technology ensuring total HIPAA compliance
➣ Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Service Level Agreements are signed at the start of each project for complete client security
➣ Internet usage policies, company usage policies, and software/hardware warranties safeguard privacy and confidentiality at Sunknowledge Services Inc.

Moreover, we enforce stringent measures to guarantee complete personnel security, data security, site security, and network security for better safety.

Personnel Security:

➣ Taking documents in or out of the office is strictly prohibited. Image capturing devices are not allowed and are submitted before entering the office. Furthermore, security checks are conducted before employees exit the premises
➣ Employees sign confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements before initiating a project
➣ Comprehensive training is provided to employees on the importance of security and various other measures are taken by Sunknowledge for adequate safeguard and security.
➣ Personal ID cards are operated to authenticate employee identities

Data Security:

➣ Along with confidentiality agreements, penetration tests and routine security audits are performed to ensure full security is always maintained. If a security breach transpires which is next to inconceivable, the impacted client will be informed instantly
➣ Our expert IT team guarantees the integrity of patient information and the confidentiality of client data, utilizing advanced security devices and protocols.
➣ All software and configurations are tailored to client requirements
➣ We conduct daily data backups with restricted access/ authorized personnel and highly secured to guarantee vital information is never misplaced or lost

Site Security:

➣ 24/7 monitoring through surveillance cameras in the office and its surroundings
➣ Access to client data is granted only to authorized personnel
➣ Electronic security doors within the office control access
➣ Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are installed on the premises for emergencies
➣ Round-the-clock security personnel guard against burglary and vandalism

Network Security:

➣ A robust network security policy restricts access solely to authorized personnel
➣ Networks and systems are safeguarded at multiple levels, and password changes occur regularly to prevent hacking and data theft
➣ Systems run on a secure server featuring 128-bit SSL encryption
➣ System access policies are limited to a small number of authorized personnel with signatures always been taken
➣ Floppy disks and pen drives are disabled on all computers, with spot checks performed daily to ensure security
➣ The latest versions of firewalls and antivirus software are utilized like ……..
➣ In case of an emergency, a network backup can be taken and securely stored offsite

Sunknowledge – Sustaining Operations:

In short, Sunknowledge Services Inc., is well-equipped to handle unforeseen natural disasters. Our disaster recovery, data recovery, and physical recovery strategies ensure your work continues from alternate delivery centers. Outsourcing your prior authorization to Sunknowledge in fact presents you with numerous additional benefits.
Reach out to us for all your healthcare outsourcing requirements, and rest assured knowing the security and confidentiality of your data are in capable hands.


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