Driving ROI with A Reliable HME Billing Partner

Historically, the landscape of Home medical equipment has always been dominated by traditional HME supply companies. Today, the new players create a lot of confusion. A huge number of distributors and also equipment manufacturers are now HME’s with direct to patient models.

  • There are also instances of virtual HME working through telehealth without depending on demographic locations and disrupting the present referral patterns.
  • In 2021, the HME industry faced further challenges alongside regulation changes and reimbursement rates with safety concerns as well as supply chain issues.
  • The only good news is the market is expected to grow by $56 billion with a CAGR of 6% annually with patients paying a large percentage of bills.

As a supplier of HME items and devices, you need to find a reliable partner that can help you in finding balance. It makes your job as a HME supplier a lot easier.

The Benefit with Sunknowledge

Over the last decade, we have been a reliable force driving collections for the best in the industry. At present, our team is working with great credentials and has been driving revenue growth for some of the largest HME suppliers across the country.

  • We are unique as we accelerate growth for the largest with our actionable support. At present, we reduce operational expenses by almost 80% with our stand out team of HME billers and coders.
  • We are equipped to handle everything from start to finish and know how to extend support at the highest productivity metrics in the entire RCM space.
  • Hire our team and come to know why we are hailed as a serious vendor across the industry. We are different as we make sure that all your money is returned safely to your accounts.
  • We excel in performing specific activities in pre and post HME billing.

Partner with our team right now on how we make sure that all your collections are handled with responsibility and consistency. Get to know what makes us such a force in the world of HME billing services .We are just a call away.

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