Streamlined Support in Radiology Billing Services: The Sunknowledge Trust

The main focus of a well-managed radiology’s office billing operation is to submit claims for services punctually and in the proper, required format, and receive reimbursement as fast as possible. CT (computerized axial tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), MRA (magnetic resonance angiography), PET (positron emission tomography), cardiac nuclear medicine studies (e.g. nuclear cardiac stress test) are the services that require a pre-approval from the ordering physician.

In majority of the cases, highly time sensitive procedures have to be completed within a stipulated time frame for initiating a plan of treatment. Hence, it is imperative for reducing errors with prior authorization in radiology.

Your patients should not wait for long as it paves the way for out of pocket expenses. Delays can be avoided with specialized intervention, reducing the waiting period for the approval. But the challenge is, such slips are not easy to avoid, because they stem from a simple lack of skill, time or knowledge. Regular in-house billing staff, employed by radiology practices, often falls short in meeting the desired standards in these areas.

Errors in prior authorization for radiology stem mainly from mistakes made while filling in the request form (which is usually done in a prescribed, pre-determined format), ignoring the latest guidelines, or missing out on providing all the supporting documents that are required.

So why take chances and lose time, and money, in getting requests denied, sending and resending them many times over till the desired approval is obtained? Radiology practices are well-advised to seek out dedicated, specialized assistance in such matters, and not just cut denials and improve overall collection from their business, but also free their administrative staff for more important things to take care of.

The Sunknowledge Advantage in Radiology Billing Services

We are a next gen medical billing and collections company offering stand alone/ end to end radiology billing services. Our team combines with all relevant practice management /billing software and eliminates proven challenges in your revenue cycle management efforts. Moreover, we are a 100% HIPAA compliant company and extend task specific activities in eligibility checks, authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery.

We have no transaction, installation and training fees with our prior authorization services. Sun Knowledge believes in working as your desirable operational extension, helping you with excellent practice management efforts, laying down right checks and balances.

Also, we will reduce your billing costs by 70% and increase your collections by 97% with our disciplined intervention. At present, we are the only radiology billing Services Company that offers seamless business transition capabilities, great account management support. Leverage the Sunknowledge Services Inc. advantage in radiology billing services.

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