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Medical billing services are tough. Ask the practice managers at healthcare providers and they will confirm in unison. At Sunknowledge Services Inc., we believe that practices should keep their focus intact on patient care and not lose their heads over claim settlements and other medical billing services. The testimonials act as the greatest proofs of our work with 100s of clients, the source of the excellent referrals we provide! Anticipating the difficulty to handle the two challenges at the same time, we provide a complete medical billing service solution. As the modern day medical billing is hugely dependant on electronic platforms and ICD codings, an able external support like Sunknowledge can only salvage the situation for the already affected providers. This can be only effective if the solution is cost-effective and much lower than what the training costs for the staffs would involve. Sunknowledge serves the exact purposes making it the numero uno choice for healthcare providers across the country. Here’s a glimpse on the advantages that Sunknowledge gives over other professional medical billing services:

? Low fee standalone services starting from $5
? Accurate checks and balances with 99% overall accuracy
? Dedicated managers
? Instant reduction in operational cost by 80%
? 100s of Excellent referrals
? No hidden cost
? Free Telemedicine platform
? 100% HIPAA compliance

Inept handling of medical billing raises the risks in the increasing rate of claim rejections and denials. That is where the provider’s revenue recovery gets a beating. A large part of claim denials is the result of making medical billing errors. Our expert billers look into this aspect with utmost importance and eradicate errors like:

? Unbundling
? Coding issues
? Duplicate Billing
? Balance billing
? Incomplete diagnosis information
? Wrong patient information

Mismatched Codes Our end-to-end revenue cycle management solution takes care at every step to minimize delays and errors to get the best out of the process. Working over a decade now in the medical billing industry, Sunknowledge has been acting as guides to providers like you with immense success. We offer tailor-made, cost-effective, fast, and efficient services that suite your budget and need. This is another aspect where we leave behind other medical billing services. Sunknowledge believes in flexibility; be it in pricing or working i n different modes as per the client’s wish. We offer standalone service in low fees that many of our medical billing competitors even think of. No wonder, Sunknowledge Services Inc. always remain on the top few of the medical billing services search.

Our commitment to client service has taken us to an extent of cover our clients through Hiscox Insurance for any error and omission at our end. Are there other medical billing services delivering you so much at so less? You know, it is not! So, get in touch with us at the earliest and partner the best!

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