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Finding well-trained hospital facility coding specialists is a daunting task. High turnover rates among coders are prevalent nationwide. In fact, the demand for hospital coding services is on the rise as more and more people rely on hospitals for treatment.

Hospitals perform a variety of procedures aimed at diagnosing, treating, and managing health conditions. These procedures encompass:

Hospitals typically cover-

  • Imaging centers
  • laboratory tests
  • Orthopedic Surgeries
  • Neuro and cardiac surgeries
  • Interventional procedures such as cardiac catheterization, endoscopy, angioplasty, and stenting
  • Obstetric and gynecological procedures such as childbirth, hysterectomy, cesarian section
  • Cancer treatments
  • Critical care procedures such as ventilation support, intravenous therapy
  • Oral therapy

Rehabilitative procedures like physical therapy, and others

When you are running a hospital, you have been dealing with a wide area of clinical care that requires your primary attention. This is why ensuring accurate coding for hospital billing becomes extremely vital. Also, a lot depends on the accurate hospital coding and billing task as your revenue structure depends on it.

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However, we all know that hospital coding is not a cakewalk. It requires in-depth knowledge and skills in updating the constant code changes, coding procedures and other updates. For a seamless hospital coding services you not only require complete knowledge of CPT codes to meet the billing guidelines but also be complete aware of the ICD -10 regulations, being mandatory.

Being an extensive patient care facility, a hospital requires almost all the codes to meet its billing guidelines. The codes commonly used for hospital billing are-

  • ICD-10 CM
  • ICD-10 PCS
  • CPT
  • DRG
  • Revenue codes
  • ABC codes
  • Place of Service codes (POS)

Understanding and assigning these codes are critical for healthcare professionals to ensure error-free documentation, accurate billing, and adherence the regulatory compliances.

Some of the common hospital billing codes are 99214, M32.9, HCPCS Code: J3420 DRG Code, Example: DRG 470, Place of Service (POS) Code, Example: 21, ABC Code, Example: B4030, etc.

Challenges with hospital coding support-

In fact it is no secret that remote hospitals encounter significant challenges in recruiting certified coders. Specialized hospital coding, particularly with the introduction of APC’s and APG’s, has become increasingly complex. Hospital medical records departments often face budget constraints hindering adequate coder recruitment. There is a shortage of certified coders with substantial training and expertise in hospital facility coding. Small or specialty hospitals still struggle to justify the cost of staffing full-time or multiple coders to meet coding needs adequately. Furthermore, here are some common key challenges with hospital coding support-

  • Insufficient documentation of medical necessity
  • Inaccurate coding and inability to adhere to compliance requirements
  • Impact on Patient Health Coverage

Furthermore, amateur coders often forget to mention the place of services, leading to denials, audits, and penalties from insurance companies.

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  • We always walk the extra mile to monitor, analyze, and assign accurate code to avoid any potential denial.
  • Each of our coders is up-to-date with all the latest hospital coding updates
  • We always focus on a prompt report-back approach
  • All our coders are ICD-10 certified
  • We always maintain 99.9% coding accuracy
  • We are 100% HIPAA-compliant

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