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As a home healthcare provider, you are responsible for providing a vast range of services to individuals at their homes. It is a crucial healthcare service that allows patients to receive medical care, treatment, or health assistance without being admitted to a hospital or nursing home. Home health care can also include nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medication management, wound care, and assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, and eating. Primarily, you take care of patients who are recovering from an illness, or surgery, or suffering from chronic conditions. Patient-care is the usual priority for providers, and this is probably the biggest reason why home-healthcare accounts receivable services are so frequently sought.

Unfortunately, many healthcare providers do not realize the extreme importance of ensuring healthy collections for services rendered. A struggling home healthcare practice, more often than not, can be linked to a poor or inefficient accounts receivable management process. Aging A/R can never be good news for any healthcare practice. And home healthcare is no exception. It requires a dedicated team of home healthcare accounts receivable specialists to ensure maximized collections from unpaid claims.

Challenges with Accounts Receivable Management for Home Healthcare Practices

As home healthcare providers primarily deal with active patient care, most of them often overlook collecting from unpaid claims, or adopting an organized approach to follow up with Payers and patients to recover the pending reimbursement. This, in turn, severely impacts the cash flow. Most of us will agree that small debts are common in any healthcare practice, but letting them accumulate unattended causes the most harm. Accumulated and aged claims, especially those that are older than 100 days, are very challenging to recover.

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When it comes to collecting from accounts receivable, specialized home healthcare denial management services are something that no provider can afford to ignore. The truth is, most providers find it quite difficult to handle follow-ups with concerned patients and payers, minimizing write-offs and shrinking A/R buckets, and expanding payment options. While everybody understands the importance of engaging professional assistance in this regard, finding such skilled and experienced personnel amidst the nationwide labor shortage proves to be a practical impediment.

Outsourcing Home Healthcare Accounts Receivable & Denial Management Tasks

Outsourcing accounts receivable services for home healthcare practices not only streamlines processes like creating accurate invoices swiftly, but also ensures optimum collection from delinquent accounts through diligent follow-ups with payers and patients.

When it comes to simplifying the top-to-bottom homecare A/R methodology, we have got your back. We have more than two decades of industry-leading A/R experience to support domains like yours.

I just want to take a moment to recognize the Sunknowledge team for their high level of detail in notes when tagging invoices they are working on. They provide a high level of detail and steps taken to resolve invoices and every line item billed, far beyond my other collectors every week.

– RCM Supervisor of a leading DME provider from Pennsylvania

Things that Make Us Stand Apart from Other Home Healthcare Accounts Receivable Services Providers

You already know the fact that denials can be caused due to multiple reasons. No matter what your causes of denials are, we do a deep analysis to know the root cause by regularly following up with the Payers and documenting all the communication accordingly so that we can ensure the best resolution for you.

Unlike other players in the market, we always focus on higher-value claims and the oldest DOS (date of services) to make you receive the maximum reimbursement.

Key Steps Involved in Our Home Healthcare Denial Management Services

  • We do comprehensive A/R analysis with a strong focus on aging buckets
  • We initiate diligent follow-ups with Payers through every possible mode such as IVR, online, and communicating with the insurance company representative(s)
  • We take effective steps to reverse denials
  • We ensure successful claims resolution with maximized collection

Our comprehensive accounts receivable management services come with the assurance of:

  • Reducing the current A/R bucket by up to 30% in just a month
  • Proven proficiency in handling challenging aging accounts
  • Over 7 years of direct experience in claims adjudication for pivotal insurance plans
  • Immediate access to a vast pool of skilled A/R personnel and denial management experts
  • Slashing collection costs by up to 80%
  • Complete remote support, seamlessly integrated with your ongoing operations
  • Complimentary dedicated Account Manager
  • No stringent contracts; hassle-free 30-day exit option
  • Customized daily/weekly/monthly reporting as per your preferences

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