Health System Insurance Verification Services

The Sunknowledge Story in Health System Insurance Verification Services

It is pertinent for a provider to understand the genuine importance of developing processes that streamline health system insurance verification services. Insurance verification for health systems is the cornerstone to successful denial management efforts and healthy collections in the long run.

Determining Insurance Verification for Health System Practices

The process of checking a patient’s active coverage with the insurance company and verifying his eligibility or EOB is known as insurance verification for health systems. It actually sets the tone for an improved front-end effort that determines reimbursements by implementing the desired checks and balances.

It actually boils down to working out a pertinent solution and a genuine roadmap on how to work with your resources, or outsource health system insurance verification services to a competent partner with the right understanding of the best practices of the industry.

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The Right Choice among Health System Insurance Verification Companies

Creating the right ecosystem and enabling a strong front-end set the benchmark for improved collections. It also lowers overall cost in health system insurance eligibility verification. Hence, choosing the best among health system insurance verification companies is undoubtedly a huge reason for successful reimbursements to fall in place.

To address the following, one must make sure that they choose someone that has deep understanding of the latest guidelines in insurance verification for health systems. The right partner can truly make a difference not only in the quality of services and your revenue, but also in improving the patient’s experience.

Sunknowledge: A Next Gen Health System Insurance Verification Services Destination

Our team of health system insurance verification services experts knows how to work with Payers and patients. They understand the importance of completing the paperwork on time, capturing and verifying patient information accurately, not missing out on important details that can make or break a claim afterwards, and finally, improve your reimbursements.

Our team has unmatched versatility across multiple health system billing software systems and understands exactly how to optimize the process of insurance verification for health system practices with proficiency and consistency.

In fact, we are among the few health system insurance verification companies that truly understand what it takes to accelerate your cash flow with complete knowledge of the immediate CMS mandates. Also, our team promises to reduce your operational expenses by almost 80% by working as your reliable virtual partner at all times. Our team of experts in insurance verification for health system practices works on a cycle of details with the patients which include:

  • Co-pays
  • Co-insurances
  • Deductibles
  • Payable benefits
  • Patient policy status
  • Type of plan and details of coverage
  • Plan exclusions
  • Referrals and pre authorizations, and more.

Our health system insurance verification services include a series of steps like:

  • Receiving the patient schedules from the health system via fax, email or EDI
  • Verifying the patient insurance coverage
  • Contacting patients for any additional information
  • Updating the client billing system with the health system insurance eligibility verification details such as start and end dates, member ID, group ID, co pay information and many more.

The best part, all of the above services are available at just $7 per hour. Yes, your heard that right! We do it all for you at an all-inclusive flat hourly rate without any hidden cost.

Schedule a discussion with one of our experts to know more about our ability to serve you better as one of the top names among the heath system insurance verification services companies. Capitalize on our health system insurance verification services to gain a genuine competitive advantage and completely transform your cash flow once and for all.

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